Friday, February 14, 2014

Time To Take A step Back....

Well it happened.  Between the malaise at the shop and the fallout from the LVO that is hitting the interwebs, I officially requested a refund for the GT at Adepticon.  Well I should say I switched to the Exterminatus event first and now I sent the email requesting a refund.  This would be the reason for the lack of posts for the past couple weeks.   The gang and I have been playing a lot of Firestorm Armada and not a whole ton of 40k.

That being said I want to assure everybody that I am not totally out of 40k.  I am not selling off my army and ditching it.  I am taking a step back though.  Not so much a break, but I am going to try and concentrate on the hobby aspect for a while, at least until they rules get sorted out.

I am still participating in Adepticon though.  I am playing in a Combat patrol and doing a weathering class with Mr. Justin of Secret Weapon.  I am also doing the Iron Arena with the Privateer Press gang.  I am bringing my 40K stuff though to get some pick up games while I am there.  I will also have my Renses Navy Fleet for pickup games of Firestorm Armada.  Basically I am going to chill and just enjoy my vacation and the best 4 days of war gaming there is.

On a semi related note, most of you know I host a Adepticon primer tournament dubbed "The Test Of Khaine" every year.  This will be the 4th year of the tournament at Evolution Games.  I am still going to run it.  I was on the fence, but Farseer Rerolls talked me into it.  So I will be making an official announcement next week about the tournament.  I want to make sure it does not interfere with any other events going on mid to late March.

Well thats all for now.  I just wanted to update and basically let everyone know whats going on and where the Craftworld stands at the moment.  Expect some Firestorm Armada articles from Spellduckwrong and the BigMek in the next couple of weeks.

until then...

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!

and as always



  1. I must live in a cave, or something. Whats the drama with LVO? Just that a seer council list went undefeated?

    1. That was my initial reaction, too. I think that, basically, the internet has finally woken up and smelled something they didn't like.

  2. Hey this is a little off topic in relation to Warhammer 40K, but how long does it take to play a game of Firestorm armada? Me and some of my friends, tried to play and the games took over 3 hours, is this how long a typical game runs or are we doing something wrong?
    Thanks for your time, and hang in there with Warhammer, my LGS stopped holding game nights altogether, so I'm in the same boat as far as my army goes.

    1. Good for you! Firestorm is a great game.
      Well, it depends on how many points you were playing. Our games of 800-1000 points per side usually take 2-3 hrs. But we mess around a lot. Games are going faster and faster as we learn the rules by heart and have to reference the book less.
      How many points were you playing?

  3. Yeah 2 to 4 hours with general screwing around and smoke breaks is pretty standard.

    Yeah Yancy its kinda old news here, but it seems like all of a sudden everybody has been comin to the realization many of us around here have already reached. Mix in this Imperial Knights crap and we have a big old crap storm that is really turning me off to 40K at the moment.

  4. We were playing starter fleets (around 500 points) does it matter that they were Version 1 rules that were downloadable from the website?

  5. yes. The 2nd edition rules, which are not downloadable, play more quickly and seamlessly than the 1st edition rules. The updated fleet manuals on Spartans website, which are meant for the 2nd edition rules, update all the fleets for play in the new rules.