Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Liberation of Omicron Theta And Other News.

SeerK here to start July off.  As you may or may not have noticed we have added a couple of new writers to
the staff.  Oninotaki Joins us.  Oni is a GW ex pat and rabid war gamer and miniature collector.  He is going to be talking about a bunch of different topics including his own game which is currently in the works.  Everybody should be familiar with the up and coming Melcon VP of Acquisitions SMD_Vogrin.  He is joining us full time to share his wisdom in navigating the ways of the directorate.  He was also a Press Ganger for Privateer press.  So welcome the new additions and I look forward to posts in the future.  I also look forward to some posts from our less heard from authors...wink wink.

In celebration of the 4th this year we are doing something a little different.  Instead of the usual fireworks and adult beverages we are going to throw down this Friday at the FLGS, Evolution Games.  The Omicron Theta system is on the edge of the storm zone and is in need of liberation from the hands of the Terran oppressors.  what better way to celebrate Independence day than to send in a massive battle fleet to liberate the good peoples of Omicron Theta and bring them into the protection of the Federation.

6 players will be deciding the fate of the system this Friday.  Myself, Spellduckwrong and SMD_Vogrin will be bringing our Dindrenzi, Rense System Navy and Directorate forces, respectivley, to battle the Forces of Dreadbeard, Bigmek SkrapKlaw, and AAron, I apoligize I forget his forum handle.  Terrans, Sorylians and Kurak Alliance vessels shall be making an attempt to repel a heaping dose of freedom.

Each Player will be bringing 1600 point grand fleets.  Every player has an admiral with one being the overall force commander and worth extra battle log.  We will be playing on a rather large board as well in a neat configuration that Dreadbeard came up with as we were planning this shindig this past week.  Its going to be an "L" shaped with some special rules that we will talk more about this weekend when the battle report hits the blog.  So stay tuned.

Before Friday I will also be continuing my "Ships Of the Rense" series and starting into the Tier one vessels.  Next up is the bridge between tier two and tier one.  The Cerberus Heavy Cruiser.

Until then crush the Alliance and

REMEMBER DRAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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