Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hobby Time! Or Adventures With Airbrushing!

Hi all, SeerK here with a little blurb about some stuff I am working on.  This past April while at the hallowed now former site of Adepticon, I got a smoking deal on a brand new Airbrush.
 Badger Airbrushes is pretty much a fixture at Adepticon.  They make a very nice high quality product.  I picked up a Badger Krome airbrush and a complete set of their awesome airbrush paints.

Our local Kedorian Overlord Tony supplied me with an air compressor.  Now I was nervous at first.  I actually did not pop the cherry on my airbrush until this month.  That's right, I had a very nice airbrushing rig all ready to go and it took me almost 6 months to pick it up and start experimenting with it.  I will never paint in the same way again.

So what have I been working on?  Well I finished painting my RSN fleet a few weeks ago.  They have a pretty basic paint scheme and besides being able to paint ships quickly by hand, it looks decent on the table top.  A gunmetal base with a very dark red secondary color.  I finally decided to try my air brush out on my Dindrenzi Patrol fleet from the Battle for Valhalla box.  I based the ships in black and then used the Airbrush to hit the ships with a couple layers of Badger Dark Green..  I then did a light dry brush of Iosan Green from Privater Presses P3 paint line.  I taped off the nose and hit the exposed areas with Badger Scorching Red.  I did the vents in Whatever GW calls their base red now.   All in all they ships turned out nice and I was happy with the results.

The DNS Ignatius Rex
I wanted to get my Works Raptor and Ba'Kash Ships painted, especially since there is a Ba'Kash patrol fleet box in my future.  I am picking up the new ships along with some Kedorians as long as its in the budget.  I wanted the Works Raptor ships to look evil.  I wanted there to be no doubt these guys were bad news and the stuff of nightmares.  So I took a page from my days of playing Dark Eldar and decided to go with dark Purples.

I based the ships black and then did about 3 light coats of Badger Ecchymose.  I wanted to darken it up a bit so I did a liberal coat of Secret Weapons Soft Body Black Wash.  I love this wash so much.  If you were to ask what I recommend for washes, Secret Weapons line of washes is second to none.  They are awesome.  You have good control over them and the wash stays put.  I wanted to darken them up a bit more though, without the base color getting lost in the mix.  This is when I decided to be brave and break out the Ghost tints.

Now Dreadbeard and I had done a brief experiment with Ghost tints a few months ago.  He too had picked up a case of Badgers Airbrush Paints and he was using them with gusto.  The Ghost tints were the ones he had not tried.  Les Burley of Awesome Paint Job is one of the best painters I have ever met.  He has some good tutorials on how to use the Ghost tints On the Badger website and on Awesome Paint Job.  I decided to use the Purple Ghost tint over the layers I ave already done on the works Raptor Ships.

I did a couple light coats and man did they turn out nice and dark and purple.  It was the exact look I was going for.  It also gave them the customary shine people are used to at the shop.  I am known for my "Shiny pointy eared bastards".  After the Works Raptor ships turned out better than expected I used a Ghost tint on the Ba'Kash ships.  You have to let the Ghost tints dry for 24 hours so I moved on to working with the Ba'Kash.

I based the Ba'Kash Sharnak cruisers with Badger Scorching Red and then did a wash of the Soft Body Black.  After the wash dried I used the Badge Crimson Ghost Tint.  Man this is a nice tint.  The ships turned out blood red and look great.  Sadly the pictures do not do the ships justice.  I only have my Iphone and poor lighting to get the pictures at the moment.  Granted they are works in process, but so far things are looking good and I am very happy with how things are turning out.  I am still trying to decide what colors I am going to highlight with and do the detail work though. I may have to make a trip to the store in the near future and get some more paints.

I have an idea of what I am going to do for the Kedorian ships when I pick them up.  I am also more than likely going to pick up Directorate and Relthoza Patrol Fleets so I can field pretty much anything in the Zenian League as a combined force.  I swear this spaceship habit is starting to get bad.

Well that is all for now.  I will be doing some major convention related announcements in the coming weeks.  Spellduckwrong and I are both now Officially Spartan Vanguards.  Dreadbeard is our behind the scenes go to guy when it comes to events.  We three have been brewing up some big things over the past month and we have started to see results.  We are excited and I want to spill the beans, but not until we have some stuff set.

Until then crush the Alliance and as always.....

REMEMBER DRAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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