Monday, February 16, 2015

The Road To Adepticon: Making Terrain!

An Example of Table Coverage, about 25%
SeerK here once again with a Schaumburg Prime Offensive Update.  Adepticon is only 30 days away!  With that in mind The WayGate staff is hard at work making schedules, Painting models and Making Terrain.  I thought I would give people a little taste of the terrain we will be using at the tournament.  This will give you an idea of what to expect so you can practice with similar terrain.

We will be using 3D terrain at Adepticon.  Asteroid fields, Debris Fields, Gas Clouds and Planetoids are all on the menu.  The fields sizes vary and their boarders are clearly defined.  We use Craft Foam cut out into various shapes to denote the boundaries of the Field.  This allows you to clearly see where the field begins and ends and makes it much easier to tell if your line of sight is obscured.

The flat craft foam denotes the field size,  Our 3D elements denote the type of field.  Asteroid fields are denoted by asteroid like rock.  Debris fields are denoted by chunks of plastic that appear to be chunks of wrecked vessels and stations.  We actually used old VHS tapes that had been smashed up to make the debris field markers.  We used tapes of movies that deserved it rest assured.  A Back Street boys documentary was amongst the donors.  You can find some real gems for terrain building at thrift stores.  Spellduckwrong will have more on that later.

Spellduckwrong slinging Asteroids
The Markers are easily removable from the fields to make it easier to move your ships in and out of them. Manuvreing ships and determining line of sight can be a pain if the terrain elements are fixed to the base.  This also allows us to modify the fields quickly.  We can leave the foam fields in basically the same spots, but change the type of field on the fly.

As with most tournaments of this size and larger Terrain is very important, but we have to balance cost, eye appeal, durability, ability to transport and functionality.  Since this is Adepticon we wanted to make the tables eye catching but functional for game play.  I think we have a good balance

We have some cooler scenery for the Demo tables, especially the Planetfall Demo table.  I am keeping that as a surprise until the convention.  Mostly because I am in process of painting it.  The demo Fleets are painted as are the Planetfall Demo Armies.  I am really looking forward to
Dreadbeard putting crappy moves to good use
introducing people the the games.

Well that is all for now.  The convention is getting close and I hope everybody is finding the Primer Missions useful in preparing for the tournament.  As I stated before we are doing a Primer Tournament this coming Sunday at Evolution Games in Lansing.  Registration starts at 10 am and it is $10 bucks to enter.  All Gate money goes towards prizes.

Everybody should also check out the Latest episode of Firebase Delta.  Phil has Neil (Dreadbeard) and George (Spellduckwrong) on along with Nathan and Lange of Jaded Gamercast to talk Firestorm Armada and Adepticon. Check it out and keep practicing.  We have 2 spots left and I know that it may be one very shortly as there is a local that has not signed up yet.  Get the last spot now!

Until Adepticon as always crush the Alliance and....


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