Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life After Gencon: SeerK's Report

SeerK Working the Spartan Booth
Greetings all!  Holy crap what a weekend.  If you are just tuning in I am referring to my really fun and exhausting weekend at Gencon.  I was there Wednesday to Sunday and had the privilege of working at the Wyrd Miniatures booth as well as being part of Spartan Games first convention stateside.  This was, I have to say, a really great experience and I am very happy to have finally met Neil and Frances Fawcett.  That's right guys and gals, I got to work with the head honchos of our favorite game company.

I also had the privilege of working with Martin and Chris aka "Crispy" , the Production Manager and Designer responsible for a big portion of the Firestorm line respectively.  They were running the eager fans through demos of Halo Fleet battles...which sold out completely in 2 days.  I worked the Wyrd Miniatures booth on Friday, literally all day, helping people find products and running Malifaux demos.  It was awesome seeing Mason, Aaron and Kelly again.  I worked with them at Origins this past year as well.

I really wish I could talk about all of the stuff that Neil and I talked about over dinner and a couple pints, but sadly I can't.  All I can say is that I learned a ton about Spartan and about the people who are working hard on a daily basis to bring you the games you love.  I also think I found the British twin of Spellduckwrong.

I wanted to give a big thanks to Tim Toolen of the Miniature Tim Blog and Kevin for letting me crash in their hotel room.  I was introduced to the Infinity community by these to as well.  I talked for a bit with Carlos from Corvus Belli.  I also went out for Scotch and Cigars with Angel Giraldez.  Yeah the awesome painter who painters look up to.  I really wish I spoke more Spanish.  I finally got to meet Nestor from WCG Infinity as well.  It was great meeting you in person finally man!

There is some awesome stuff in the works.  It is very early, but I can assure you if things go to plan, Adepticon is going to be very awesome this year.  I will now leave you with some pictures of my journey at Gencon.

Spartan Neil and Master Chief

I found Grace and Mike Cosplaying out in the Hall.  I invited them to the booth.  They are great People and make some awesome costumes.

15mm prototypes for the Halo Ground Battle Game coming next summer.

Martin demoing Halo Fleet Battles with the Long Night Of Solace dominating the table space.

Crispy demoing Halo to eager fans.

Neil Talking to Beasts Of War.

Collette and Cassandra doing what they do best. Drawing in a crowd at the Wyrd Booth

Rasputina also graced the booth with her Presence.  

Perdita was not thrilled by all the Arcanists at the booth

My good old buddy the Whiskey Golem at the Wyrd Booth.

U.S. Ariadna Ranger representing Murica!
A little Darkness Comes A Rattling at the Wyrd Volunteer Party.
Troll Glacier King at the Privateer Press Booth
The Corvus Belli Booth

The Infinity Tournament tables were gorgous.

The Event Hall
The Dark Lord came for souls!
I have a ton of pictures to sort through.  I hope you enjoy this sampling of the copious amounts I took while roaming the halls of the Indianapolis Convention center.  There will be more to follow as well as information as it develops for Adepticon.  I am really excited.

If you have not already done so go sign up for the Firestorm Armada events at the Michigan GT.  We are just under 2 months away and we have spots left in all three events.  Sign up early and reserve your spot now!

Until next time remember.....

Crush the Alliance and as always!



  1. Static pose Rasputina mannequin cosplayer came back this year?

  2. Static pose Rasputina mannequin cosplayer came back this year?