Friday, March 2, 2012

Time To Start Anew: Getting My Game Back

Well February has been pretty eventful. I am trying to get back on the horse as it were. I wanted to just mention something to my readers. Over the past 3 weeks I have been having a pretty bad bout with depression and having anxiety and panic attacks. This I am guessing this has been causing my hobby malaise and lack of inspiration in writing, Or I should say that was the first symptom I really noticed. This kind of thing is new to me. I am not looking for sympathy mind you. Any support given is appreciated, but I wanted to kind of lay it out as to why I have been MIA as of late. On that note I am starting March on a good foot. I have started Therapy and I have also been breaking out the Footdar and plotting the Corsair lists.

I have gotten in a couple games with a list, that sadly, I did not originally concept. OST from Dark Future Games is a kind of an idiot savant when making random army lists. The concept of Footdar has been the major topic of conversation. He presented a list to me that I really had to tweak to make fit into an 1850 point limit. My customary seer council was absent. I had a squad of Fire dragons, yeah on foot, and a pair of Wraithlords supported by a war walker squadron.

I had a small squad of rangers, a 15 man guardian squad and 2 10 man squads of Dire Avengers for troops. The Avatar and Eldrad rounded out the list. All in all it was not a bad list. I played OST and his Tyranids. I had my “A” game back for a while and we played a very bloody game that ended in a tie that OST really had to work for. The only real parts of the list I want to change are the Fire Dragons and the Wraitlords as they did not really contribute and just kind of died quickly.

I know I have said it numerous times, but the Footdar really do Need a long range support line to be effective. I plan on removing the Wraitlords and the Fire Dragons and possibly putting in a second War walker Squadron or actually Running Dual Dark Reaper Squads.

The Corsair List I tried out tonight in the Basement lair against CVinton did not fair so well. I ran A singe Corsair Prince, 3 corsair squads deep striking, a Wasp squadron, 2 Phoenix Bombers, a Nightwing and a Retinue for the Prince in a falcon.

Sadly I went up against CVintons Tesla orgy. His Necron army is pretty tough and the amount of firepower it can bring to the table is pretty scary. I came in piece meal with my Corsair squads while the Phoenix bombers took the brunt of the Tesla Assault. I have to say for the amount of fire they bring to the army they really go down quick once your opponent sees how much fire they can lay down. They are very much glass cannons. At 245 points they are also very expensive.

I have having a real hard time wrapping my brain around this list. Its more specialized than the dark Eldar. Granted I have only really gotten in 2 games in with the army so I am just making a real early judgment. So far I have not found the niche so I am going to back burner it while I really work on the Footdar.

I would also like to not I sold off my Dark Eldar Army. I am trying to rekindle my hobby bug and I think cutting it down to one army is going to really help bring my focus back. It also gives me the chance to fix and do maintenance on the Eldar as they are well traveled and need some touching up and fixing.

Well Back to the trenches. I will be posting information about the “Test Of Khaine” tournament in the next week. It will be April 7th. Although my location is in question and limbo at the moment. More on that as I find out.

Until next time...........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    1. Hey Deathbringer, turning off your little identity and avatar doesn't protect your IP from getting picked up and it certainly doesn't fill in for the lack of manhood you have. Instead of trolling a blog because somebody doesn't like you, why don't you just quit the game. Nobody wants to get a game with you, not because you are good, but because you have a terrible personality and this little crap you are pulling just re-enforces that, doesn't it, Jake. You want to try to kick a guy while he is down? Internet toughness doesn't replace the real thing. Look, I can post Anonymous too!

    2. When someone says they are having a tough time and you think it's cool to insult them all your doing is showing what a hateful, petty person you are.

      Your obviously a chicken shit who can't even put their name up by their insults.

      Even being behind a computer safely far away isn't enough protection for you? Grow a pair.

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  2. Panic attacks suck and I'm sorry to hear that you're afflicted with them too. Hopefully the therapy will do you some good.

  3. Zen- Sadly, being far away isn't an option; its a player at our FLGS. Awesome huh?

    Seer- First, as you know, let me know if you need anything. Second, sorry about the necrons, its a dumb codex. I know I did that wacky you-can-have-first-turn-then-I'll-steal-your-initiative eldar bullshit, but that only happen because I was a little drunk.

    As I said though, I think the problem is just an adjustment of play styles. It takes part eldar player and part dark eldar player to make the army work. Yeah you have that crazy shooty eldar fire power but its on flying dark eldar tissue paper still. Use your DE tricks and your eldar tactics. With the bombers, since they have the aerial assault (right?) you might consider keeping them in reserve even if you go first; just in case you get the initiative stolen. They are such massive gun boats that I HAVE TO kill them and will do everything I can to kill them as soon as possible.

    I think they need to play not to table but to win objectives. Sneaky shit like deep striking troops on wide open objectives and leap frog turbo boosting random shit, working in outflanking if you can, stuff like that.

    Remember how I veiled in my immortals on the far objective? Yeah it would have been nice to put them by the thick of the fight like I was going to do, but then I saw how that table quarter objective and the objective marker in that quarter were so wide open. I would have never otherwise gotten a unit over there and I knew that you would never get anything there to contest, so despite wanting to kill shit with the unit, I took the more tactical (and better) option of putting the unit on babysitting duty.

    I think thats what the corsairs do. Its the crazy eldar tactics like turbo boosting a set of 3 guardian jet bikes the whole game just to claim an objective at the end or provide the wraith lords with cover, or running 5 harliquins with a specter just to give your foot units a cover save. The corsairs are a square peg I think you might be trying to put in a round hole.

  4. I am actually going to try and run the Corsair Bike squads more. The scout ability is nice and it makes for a hardier and tougher troop choice.

    I think you are right though. They are very much a hybrid force that requires a mix of tactics from both the Dark Eldar playbook and the Eldar.

    I have to really find the unit mix that compliments the way I play and the way the list needs to run.

    Also thanks for the support. "deathbringer" has been an issue in our gaming circle locally. I was the first person to basically tell him to %4#@k off so he has to pout like a child. so just ignore him. any posts he makes will be deleted as he has nothing to contribute.

    1. I like where you're going. Maybe 6th will come around and the..codex..IA book...will shine. I think a unit of troops with outflank would be nice, especially bikes. Does the army have any sort of reserves manipulation?

    2. It's basically like learning a whole new army much in the way that what works for Ultramarines doesn't really translate to Space Wolves, you need to think of what translates through and what doesn't and how the change brings about opportunity. You'll get it, but boy does it feel weird to tell a Xenos player to think like a Space Marine!

      As a side note, glad to be of assistance in smoking out the troll. A good public example is what trolls need and I think we all really see his true colors now.

    3. Sadly no there is no reserve manipulation. You get the ability to deep strike 3 units that already cant with the corsair prince but no way to ensure they come in as a force.
      The Void Dreamer would actually be useful if he had some way to manipulate reserves. As is the only real way to do it with Eldar is with an Autarch.

    4. Yeah, what's up with the void dreamer? He seems like Capt. Suck given the rules set they dropped him into, unless I am mistaken.

    5. Well he has a couple defensive psychic powers and one offensive but has to take them on 2d6 as he does not have access to runes of warding or runes of witnessing. he can take spirit stones. SO hes not as good as a Farseer but better than a Warlock. He can take a rather exotic mix of wargear, but he takes up an HQ slot. His powers only affect the unit he is with or if another unit is real real close.
      He is also the only way to deliver a webway portal, but honestly, as I have found out and others have pointed out, this deployment method is haphazard for a corsair army as they dont have any real good dedicated close combat units.

      all in all the void dreamers niche is still kind of undefined

  5. Im not trying to pout and honestly I really don't wanna be part of your group. I do however feel bad that I said that shit. I realize u are going to delete this but I am sorry for saying that stuff seerk. Honest dude