Friday, March 9, 2012

The Stormlord vs BigMek SkrapKlaw

True to form, the Orks confounded Imhotek, and sent the Necrons back to the junk heap.

Ok, first disclaimer, I'm writing this blog post off of the Blogger iPhone app, and I don't have all the nifty formatting controls.

Secondly, due to school and breaking my ankle, I have been off the grid for quite some time. Now, with SeerK going thru hobby malaise, I totally sympathize, and I've personally been struggling to get back on that horse for a while now. Well, thanks to BigMek, I've cleared off the cobwebs and played my first game with the new Necron codex.

I pretty much took a whole lot of new units to test out, paying little attention to actual army cohesion. After taking everything I wanted, I still had about 1000 points left. That was the first shocker. The point costs were shifted and I didn't feel so out gunned.

My army consisted of:
5 Deathmarks
24 Immortals with Tesla
2 Monoliths
4 Tomb Blades with Tesla, Shields, and enhanced BS
6 Scarabs
5 Lychguard with Sword and Shield
1 Triarch Stalker
1 Annihilation Barge

I was just a shade under 1850. Lots of new stuff to try out.

I'm afraid I don't know the ork army well enough to give BigMek's deployment. Feel free to add it in, BigMek.

For this battle, we were fighting for 4 objectives, spearhead deployment. The Stormlord kept night fighting going for all but the last round. I suggest using this power, the lightning ended up impairing two of his vehicles, and destroyed some weaponry off of them.

I jumped on the tesla bandwagon for this fight too. I must say, it is nice. However, for a vehicle heavy army like BigMek's I certainly missed the gauss weaponry. After the game BigMek suggested that I should have swapped the Tomb Blades to TL gauss, and used them to turbo boost and take out the rear armor. I totally agree with him. Tesla is anti troop, and doesn't have much teeth against vehicles.

The Triarch stalker was the MIP for me. The tesla destructor was harsh, and the targeting array made a TL array of death over a squad of nobs and a vehicle.

I never got a chance to try out the scarabs, BigMek's coptas chewed them up first thing. The Death marks never hit the board either. I have the worst luck with reserves, and I didn't read the new monolith rules well enough to think to have them come out there. Next time.

Speaking of monoliths, they are a solid unit still. The particle whip did its thing like normal, and sucking Orks into the portal did the most damage to BigMek's army. They will continue to be in the army list.

The annihilation barge was good too, but it didn't really get to cut its teeth.

I scooped after BigMek squashed the last squad of immortals. I could have continued to round 5, but having no troops to hold the objectives, I didn't see the point.

You have won this round BigMek, but I want a rematch.



  1. A) For a rematch, all you have to do is ask Stormlord, happy to oblige.
    B) As for my list, it was:
    Warboss and Nob-Squad-of-Doom in a trukk
    Big Mek with Force Field and 'Ard Slugga Boys in a wagon
    2 Squads of Shoota Boys in wagons
    3 Squads of Rokkit Kopters
    C) That lighting, it doesn't hit often, but when it does....... -_- >_<

  2. The croons are a much different army now and while I am glad I turned to them in the new book, I can certainly appreciate the growing pains of coming over from the old book. Tesla is your friend, but it is going to be more effective on barges, while the blades will be at their height naked with Particle Beamers. Forget vehicles, let them do the troop hunting. Don't forget about the games you can play with the monolith too. When it comes to busting up battlewagons, the lords on barges are nice, but I understand that models are a limiting factor right now, If you have wraiths, they are another great unit for busting up wagons, but you will need something to watch your 6 against koptas. Since I haven't faced koptas yet, I haven't really felt the pain, but I will let you know what I come up with.