Monday, December 2, 2013

Tau data slate in review !

Hey all dreadbeard here with just a quick post. I bought the fire base cadre data sheet last night night and I gotta say it's got some interesting bits to it. Let's run the numbers!

1. When taking the firebase it is not part of your force org (wow ok)
2. You get P.E. Every loyalist in power armor 
3. They get hatred your stuff 
4. you get tank hunter 
5. All these extra special rules for what you might be taking anyway for free 

So in review you could now possibly take six riptides in a list (given enough points). they got more special rules for no points. Worth your $3.99, Hell yes!


  1. I wonder if GW will keep rolling out special characters like the Daemon Prince dude. Iyanna Arienal, anyone? Perhaps some special Inquisitors, like Eisenhorn?

  2. Yeah I was thinking Iyanna as soon as I saw the daemon prince. If they are reaching back to 3rd edition she would be a pretty logical character to make. Eldrads apprentice would be good too. Granted the ret conned the fluff so hes not dead, but hey its a thought.

    This would be a good way to bring some of the characters from the novels into the game.