Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tj Must Die! Results And A Kill Team Review.

SeerK here. Well the “Tj must Die RTT” had a real good turnout for taking place in a blizzard. 20 players
descended on Evolution games and when the dust settled and the snow started to hit hard, Mr. Bill Kim took top honors with his Daemons. I had the honor of getting tabled in round one by Tj himself thanks to me having to go first. I rolled way to high for my reserve rolls for my Autarch to keep my air force off the board, so they were easy prey for the Chaos and Necron air forces.

Round two had me matched up against Chris Vintons Space wolves. 16 Thunder Wolves ran ramshackle over my ground forces while my air force killed all of his troops. In the end He won based on Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker and First Blood.

After somebody dropped I got a by in the 3rd round so I could chill out. Needless to say the Eldar Grey Knight combo has been deleted from army builder and 2 lists I should have run are now going to go into full development mode for the Adepticon GT. I have a pure Eldar list and one with Dark Eldar Allies. We shall see how they do over the next couple months. I will be doing some updates on the progress of the list and posting some pictures of the display board once I start its construction.

I had an opportunity this week to try out the new Kill Team rule set. Since Tj was in town all week we had a big crowd on our usual 40K night at Evolution Games. 40K night is Wednesday night for those that are close to Lansing and want to pop in.

Kill Team was released as a data slate. Its a short addendum to play small games of 40K. You have 200 points to buy a kill team and are limited to troops, elites and fast attack choices. The list building limitations are actually similar to the rules for the Adepticon combat patrols in past years.

Basically you are able to get a squad or 2 and then each individual model moves and acts on its own. So its basically a skirmish based mod of 40K. 3 models are assigned a USR from 5 different lists based on what kind of “Specialist” is. The highest leadership model becomes the leader and gets a special Warlord trait. Its pretty simple and the games play fast.

My main complaint is that it does not allow for real customization of each individual. Granted I don’t think it was meant to be as involved as Necromunda, GW's first real skirmish game, or the Fan built Killzone. Its nice for a pickup game. Its also kinda nice for small games in a campaign. It wants you to play on a 4x4 board, but I think using terrain thats more like Zone Mortalis would make it more fun. In fact next time the group plays, we will be combining zone Mortalis and Kill Team together.

I think its a little pricey for what you get. $11.99 is a bit steep for a rather basic modification of the rules. It seems like the price hikes are just going to continue. It really is a shame. I think between the lack of FAQ's, price hikes and undefined direction of the game it is causing hobbyists on the fence to walk away from 40K or at very least cause a malaise.

The cure of course to to just play and hobby and break it up a little bit. Try out some other games and diversify. This is what our group is doing. I will be discussing Firestorm Armada 2.0 in the coming weeks and Spartan Games newest endeavor. Planetfall, when it is released.

We will be forging some rock hard narratives with both 40K and Firestorm in the coming months as we have campaigns planned for both. More on those as they happen.

Until Next time..

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


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