Friday, January 3, 2014

War Calls!!! The "Tj Must Die! RTT"

Welcome to 2014.  SeerK here to start the new year off.  Last year was rough and I have to say things are
starting to look up for myself.  I hope the little snippets of luck and good fortune continue to snowball and make good things happen.

Speaking of good things, one of the very good things that I am looking forward to this weekend is the "Tj Must Die!" tournament happening at Evolution Games this Sunday.  Registration starts at 11 am and dice roll at noon.  Entry is $10.  This is an 1850 standard force org, no escalation, no stronghold assault and no data slate tournament.  It is being held in honor of Tj AKA Old School Terminator the Primarch of Dark Future Games.  He is on leave from his duties defending our country and is coming back home for a week  of gaming and Emperors Children like partying.

Myself and Spellduckwrong will be playing.  I am bringing the Eldar with some Cormmorite allies.  I am all tooled up to deal with Flyers, Daemons, Nercons and Tau battle suits.  Its been a while since I have played in a tournament so it will be nice to get back in the mode.  I have to get a list hammered out and prepared for Adepticon.  I got the call this past week and I am officially off the wait list and in the GT.

I have a couple different lists I am going to be playing.  Of course the Eldar and Dark Eldar are what I am leaning towards as I dont have to buy any models, just paint a few and touch up and embellish the rest.  I have another list that involves Grey Knight allies, but I really don't feel like buying $150 dollars worth of models.  We will see how it does I guess.  I know one thing for sure.  I will have to deal with hordes.  The Hive Fleets are upon us and I fear if the codex is decent, Nids will be making a big comeback.

Well thats all for now.  I hope to see some of you Sunday, if you are in Michigan.  I know they are calling for a big amount of snow this weekend.  so if you do make it out, drive safe.

Until next time.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!

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