Thursday, October 16, 2014

Firestorm Armada Tournament Preparations

Dreadbeard, SeerK, and I have been working diligently on both the scenarios and tournament scoring system that will be utilized for U-Con and then further refined for use at our Firestorm Armada event at Adepticon 2015. I still love saying that.

We have hammered out four rounds worth of tactical material, drafted the logic and structure for the scoring, and have been whittling down more extraneous elements of the tournament day. Since we believe in community, when we have a fully loaded product, we will be submitting our methods and materials for broader input from the fine Admirals out in the far reaches of the Internet.

So far, some of the main sticking points have been how do we deal with players that would be accused of the dreaded "slow-play". For anyone that doesn't know, slow-play is traditionally used within the context of a timed, competitve event and refers to a player that is willfully playing slowly so as to gain advantage from this tactic. The advantage gained varies widely, but we see it across game systems, so there is indeed a temptation to do so. Unlike outright cheating, or using loaded dice, it is incredibly hard to pin an accusation of slow-play on a player. Our council has not come to a final solution for this problem at this time.

Also, it should be noted that some players are just slow players, either by nature or because they lack the table experience to have everthing memorized or lack the tournament experience to formulate moves quickly and in advance in order to get as far into a game as possible during a timed event.

This is just a quick update for anyone drifting by. Also, if anyone has any actual experience with events that handled slow-play in an original fashion, I would love to hear it. 

Remember Dramos.

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