Sunday, December 14, 2014

Adepticon Update! We Have Rules AND A new Starter?!?!

SeerK here with a quick weekend update.  We now have the rules document posted for Adepticon.  The link is on the right of the blog just below the Adepticon logo.  We also have it posted to the event page on Facebook.  It should also be appearing on the Adepticon rules page which I think is going to be updated after the new year.  If there are any questions or concerns please shoot us an email.

In other news it looks as if we are getting a new starter set for Firestorm Armada.  "The Return Of The Overseers" is the new box title.  We have the Directorate squaring off against the Aquans much like the Proteus Prime Planetfall starter.  This makes a lot of sense considering the bit of fluff in the Proteus Prime booklet.  To sum it up, a Terquai research ships finds a planet hidden in the middle of an area noted for being completely empty.  They find evidence of a very ancient civilization and inadvertently trigger a planet shaking relic that really plays havoc with the teams and the Directorate Invasion force.  Upon getting news of this on Csera the big squid in charge has a flash back of death destruction and deep rooted fear.  Me thinks we have a old race returning and it sounds like its not a good thing.

The box includes some new ships, which hopefully make it into the Fleet Manuals.  The ships included are as follows.

New Aquans

1 x Oannes Class Heavy Carrier
2 x Sulis Class Cruisers
2 x Shiva Class Gunships
4 x Chimaera Frigates
2 x Large, 2 x Small SRS Tokens

1 x Anarchist Class Battleship
2 x Turmoil Class R&D Cruisers
2 x Annihilation Class Gunships
4 x Liquidator Frigates
New Directorate

2 x Large, 2 x Small SRS Tokens

This makes me want to go out and buy another starter as you are getting a bunch of new ships. I am only really lacking Directorate ships and Kedorian Ships form my Zenian League combined fleet.  I am also curious about the Aquans.  SO this starter would be pretty nice to pick up.  I can add some unique ships to my fleet.  We will see what kind of stats they have in January when this new box is slated to release.

We also have all the Heavy Support core Helix's coming out for Planetfall.  I am looking forward to getting the big spider for my Relthoza army, which should hopefully be on its way here along with some of the prizes for Adepticon.  We should be in full swing for Adepticon after the new year.  Slots are being added so get on the wait list now to reserve your spot.

Stay tuned for a tactics post this week and I start talking about the Relthoza in another post I am working on.  We will also have the year in review as 2014 comes to a close and we welcome 2015.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always...


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