Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So Long 2014, Hello 2015!

Happy New Year from the WayGate staff!  2014 has been quite a year.  Its been a Year of changes to the blog and war gaming in general.  We have seen droves of veteran 40K players setting their armies aside as GW continues to forge ahead in the path they have chosen.  A path that we are no longer following.  On the inverse we have seen a small game company grow by leaps and bounds and experience its first real growing pains, at least from the players perspective.

Spartan has really had a fantastic year and by proxy we as players have had an awesome year.  We have seen Firestorm Armada take off with the new edition.  New models and new rules have brought a lot of new players into the fold.  Groups are springing up all over the place, as are blogs, pod casts and events.  We have been playing 2.0 for just about a year now and we are still learning new things about the game and the fleets.  Spartan is keeping things fresh and it is very refreshing.

Dystopian Wars players have also been given a new edition and Dystopian Legions.  I have to say I am curious about the games and will probably be trying them out thanks to Spartan releasing the Rules in a free PDF.  I have never been a big fan of steam punk, but I will give the rules a whirl.

Spartan also gave us some ground combat in the Firestorm Universe.  Planetfall is out and so far it is proving to be a fun and fast paced game.  The system is pretty simple and straightforward but there is a lot of depth and nuance that we are just starting to really see.  I have gotten in a couple games with my Relthoza and I have a lot to learn.

The blog has probably undergone the biggest change.  We changed gears and formats.  Craftworld Lansing became The WayGate.  It was rough and we had some challenges, but the blog has been growing and seems to be expanding faster than its previous incarnation.  We have been running events and recording with Firebase Delta on a pretty regular basis.  Its been great working with Phil, Bryan and Robert.

2014 was great and 2015 is looking to be even better.  We have plans for events, more expansions to look forward to and Firestorm Armada and Spartan Games is going to have a big presence at Adepticon this year.  The Demos of Firestorm Armada and Planetfall are in addition to our first big Firestorm Armada Tournament, The Schaumburg Prime Offensive.

SO! Good bye 2014 its been fun.  Hello 2015!

See you all next year, until then crush the Alliance and as always...


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