Monday, April 20, 2015

Halo Fleet Battles At Salute 2015!!!

I will just leave this here for your viewing pleasure.  People attending Salute 2015 get the first glimpse at the game and the models. They  get to try out the game itself. Halo Fleet Battles is in a smaller scale than Firestorm Armada, which is probably why the starter contains a raw ton of models. I am very interested in seeing what its all about, but we are going to have to wait until this summer for the starter box, dubbed "The Fall Of Reach".  Lets look at the contents of the box!

HFBB01 Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach

The Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach two player battle box is the ultimate way for fans of the Halo Universe to recreate pivotal space battles between the stalwart forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the relentless Covenant armada. Developed in close cooperation with 343 Industries, The Fall of Reach puts you at the centre of the most pivotal naval conflict of the long Human-Covenant War, commanding massive fleets of deadly warships as they clash above the fortified human colony of Reach. Take humanity?s last stand to the gaming table!

The Fall of Reach box contents include:

 A full colour 100-page rulebook packed full of images and examples
Fall of Reach campaign guide
 49 highly-detailed plastic ship models
25 custom Halo Dice
Fleet Commander Data Sheets
Flight Stands and Overlay Cards
Punch-out Scenery and Token sheets
 Quick Guide reference sheets

Halo: Fleet Battles delivers an easy to learn, lore-infused, tactically-rich gaming experience that appeals both to experienced wargamers and fans of the Halo Universe.

This should be interesting.

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