Friday, April 24, 2015

Mount Up! Recon and Infantry Helix's Spotted!

In the wake of the Leviathan Firepower Helix release and the ORBATs dropping with the rest of the Leviathan rules,  as well as major changes to points and units in said ORBATS, Some photos of our next two helix releases have dropped.  The Recon Helix's and the long awaited Infantry upgrades.

Lets look at some Infantry first!

and Now the recon Helix's.  I am curious about the medium Spiders in this one.  Are we getting some more mobile Drone Nexus? Or are we getting a Drone Factory?

Aquan Recon Helix

Dindrenzi Recon Helix

Sorylian Recon Helix

Relthoza Recon Helix

Terran Recon Helix

Directorate Recon Helix

Well these all look pretty nice.. I know those of you with living infantry have been looking forward to the upgrades for your infantry.  I am really looking forward to a Helix still in development.  The Breacher Helix has a new element in it that adds a new dimension to the game and will be almost as big as a regular core helix.  The ability to destroy buildings and Objectives will add some new tactical depth to the game and make an army geared completely to wipe out the opposing force very viable.  Why take objectives when you can deny your enemy the points.

Until Next time Crush the Alliance and as always