Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Michigan GT Is Almost Here!

Greetings Admirals and Fleet Marshals!.  SeerK here just reminding everybody to sign up today for the Alpha Sector Clash and the Alpha Sector Incursion at the Michigan GT.  We have Great prizes lined up courtesy of Spartan Games, Evolution Games and B.C. Comix.  Fleet boxes, Books and more are lined up for the winners.  As are gorgeous trophy plaques!

Sadly we had to cut the Narrative event on Friday, but we are still going to have a meet and greet as well as some demos and open gaming.  Firestorm Armada, Halo Fleet Battles, Firestorm Planetfall are all on the menu.  So sign up today at the Michigan GT website and reserve your spot in Michigans premiere war games and Miniatures convention!

Next time we will be covering some more Planetfall and I am going to start delving into the World of Infinity.  The game has really caught on along side Firestorm and I am going to start talking about it.

Until then as always crush the Alliance and


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