Monday, November 30, 2015

Do You PanO? SeerK Talks Infinity

Greetings all.  As you know I have been pulling double duty in my gaming.  I am going hard in Firestorm Armada as always, but I have also been going hard into INfinity as of late.  I am up to two armies of a pretty good size.  I have my Panoceania and my Haqqislam.  I am doing "Vanilla" PanO along with two sectorials.  NCA, Neo-Terra Capitaline, and Military Orders.  My Haq army is actually made up of two sectorials that I can run as Vanilla.  I started with the Hassassin Bharain and just bought a Qapu Khalki or QK army.

I know I know, I have a Planetfall army for some ground combat, but the local group seems a little disinterested with Planetfall in its current form.  Spellduckwrong and Dreadbeard have been branching off into Warpath in addition to Firestorm.  I have always had mixed feeling with Mantic games so I threw in with Infinity.  The store I work at in Battle Creek actually has an ITS league going with 18 people in it.  The local scene is growing quick as well, with play groups in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Wixom and the Detroit area.

It has been a unique experience getting the ins and outs of Infinity figured out.  It is a more complex game than Firestorm Armada.  I think the biggest challenge has been list building.  Like most war gamers I love to build lists.  Corvus Belli has an awesome online list builder called Army 5 and I am on there a lot just making lists.

I am finding that my PanO have a lack of good specialists, that is troops with the Doctor, Engineer and other skills that allow me to complete missions.  I can have a decent amount of specialists in my lists, but with a willpower score of 13 or less, it makes taking objectives tough if there is any kind of negative modifier on the roll.

I have been filling in the gap a bit by using a spec ops Order Sargent.  I can get a Spec ops Character up to a willpower of 15 to help makes those WIP rolls a bit easier.  It is a gamble though putting all of your eggs in one basket and hopes on the shoulders of one trooper.  Infinity is a game that you build lists for missions.  PanO has a lot of killing power, but this is an objective driven game and if you do not plan your lists for the missions you will have a hard time completing them, let alone winning.

I like playing with my PanO army, despite the fact any of my Haqqislam forces are better equipped to do the ITS missions.  They have a major technological advantage over many forces.  I have been using my Hassassin Bahrain sectoral in the ITS League and it has been challenging, but it has been making me learn the game very quickly.  I found myself relying on the advantage in tech with my PanO.  I have gotten better using the limited troop selection in the Hassassin list.  Lack of Multi Spectral Visors and such have forced me to really look at the rules and abilities of my troops  and come up with creative ways to overcome the obstacles presented by other armies.

So far the Journey has been fun.  This coming Saturday we have our first ITS tournament.  It should be Interesting.  It will be a nice segway in the wake of Adepticon registration.  We have 6 spots left in the Schaumburg Prime Offensive.  Sign up today as I know there are a few of my locals who have yet to sign up!  Planetfall fans can also rest easy as I will be asking for more spots to be opened up in the Schaumburg Beach Head.  Stay Tuned!

Until next time, crush the Alliance and as always


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