Monday, November 23, 2015

Adepticon 2016 Registration is Nigh!

The Marriott Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel 
Wow this month has flown by.  I just realized I had not posted anything for most of the month.  We have been having some technical difficulties with the Podcast website and I have been in a frenzy of running events at the store, in addition to doing some projects I have been putting off.

So we will just consider the hiatus over and get back to posting.  We will be back to recording episodes of Firebase Delta as soon as we get a new site up and get all the gremlins hammered out.  We are still diligently working on material and plotting our trip to Adepticon 2016.  Dreadbeard, Spellduckwrong and myself are getting the missions all hammered out for the Schaumburg Prime Offensive and the Schaumburg Beach Head.  We are going to try and have the primer missions posted in a couple weeks to make sure everybody has ample time to practice and plan Primer Tournaments.  Speaking of Adepticon...........

Tonight is the night to pre register.  At 8 pm central time, which is 9 pm Eastern, the web cart will open and the blitzkrieg will begin.  I am very excited for this year.  After Spellduckworng had conference call with Spartan Derek this past week. I am proud to announce we have official backing from Spartan Games.  Adepticon will be the official North American Championships.  There will be some more surprises for players as well!  I don't want to give everything away though. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

That is all for now.  I am working on part 3 of the Relthoza in Planetfall as well as what to expect for the painting portion of The Schaumburg Prime Offensive and Schaumburg Beachhead.  Mr. Tim Toolen of The Miniature Tim blog will be returning as our Paint judge this year!

Tim will be joining us on the Podcast to discuss the painting rubric and what it takes to score well in the painting portion of any tournament.

Until next time....

Crush the Alliance and as always


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