Saturday, October 31, 2015

Firestorm Returns To Adepticon!

Happy Halloween from the staff!  SeerK here to make a quick Samhain announcement.  The Schaumburg Prime Offensive is returning to Adepticon!  We are increasing the points and the initial available spots for the tournament this year.  1000 points and the initial amount of spots available will be 32.

We are also adding The Schuamburg Beachhead, a 2500 point Firestorm Planetfall Tournament!  This will be the first year for Firestorm Planetfall at Adepticon and will be limited to 12  spots initially.

There will also be a Learn To Play Firestorm Armada class taught by the Dindrenzi stallion himself, Spellduckwrong.

here are some links to the event pages.

The Schaumburg Prime Offensive

The Schaumburg Beachhead

Stay tuned For details! Primer Missions and rules will be posted in the coming month!

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always


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