Sunday, October 18, 2015

The 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive: The Road to Adepticon 2016

Greetings all!  The time has come to plan for Adepticon 2016!  The WayGate team is hard at work planning the 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive at Adepticon.  Missions are already mostly developed as is a new method of doing terrain.

We plan on being bigger and better this year and expanding the offering of events.  We have a learn to play Firestorm Armada class as well as the big show The Schaumburg Prime Offensive.  I am working on a format as well as logistics for a Planetfall Tournament as well if there is interest in the community for a Planetfall event.

I have a little Survey up at The WayGate Facebook Page that I would like to ask people to take a couple minutes and vote on.  We want to run an event that is professional and reflects the will of the community.  So we want to see what point level people would like to play at.  800, 900 or 1000 points?

Go Vote!

I apologize for the lack of updates.  The trusty laptop finally died and I am forced to try and work on posts at work.  I will be more vigilant in the coming weeks.  I have a bunch of events to plan for the Store as well as getting all my stuff together to run Firestorm Armada and Halo Fleet Battle Demos at U-CON in Ann Arbor.  Come check it out and say hi if you are in the area!

Until next time...

Crush the Alliance and as always


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