Thursday, January 21, 2016

Get Painting!: The Adepticon Paint Rubric!

Greetings all.  SeerK here with an update on The Schaumburg Prime Offensive and The Schaumburg Beachhead.  Tim Toolen of the Minature Tim Blog has signed on as a Sponsor of our endeavors at Adepticon 2016. He is hard at work on this years missions patch!  Tim is also coming back as the Painting judge this year.  He will be the man in charge of determining who has the best painted fleet and army for both Tournaments.

To prepare everybody for what to expect and what he will be looking for, Tim has sent me the rubric for the painting portion of the tournaments.  Painting is required by Adepticon rules.  Painting is not part of your overall score though for The Schaumburg Prime Offensive or The Schaumburg Beachhead.  The painting prize is a separate prize that all Players are eligible for.  So without further Adieu here is the Rubric for this year.

1. Is the Force Painted? Y/ N If the force is not painted to a standard minimum, it is not eligible for a painting prize. 2. Fleet Coherency: 0-3 Does the force on the table look like a fleet? Are there cohesive color choices or effects which tie the models together as a force? 3. Shading: 0-3 1 pt - "Paint by number" flat colors 2 pts - Some work done on shading. Basic dry brushing, washes etc to add some depth 3 pts - Great depth of color and/or shading effects used. 4. Details: 0-3 1 pt - A basic attempt was made to bring out detailed portions of the models. 2 pts - Further work done on detals. Shading on rivets, unit/fleet markings, perhaps further details added that weren't sculpted on the model. 3 pts - The detailed parts of the models are very well done and catch the eye. A lot of attention was paid to bringing out every major/minor detail and further added details really stand out. 5. Standout Pieces: 0-3 Do any key pieces of the army stand out on the table? 6. Subjective Points: 0-3 Was there something not covered above that impresses you about this fleet? Are there incredible details or fantastic shading? Does this force just demand to be seen from across the room? Award points for that here.

 So there you have it.  Get painting!  We are only about 70 days away from the big show!  I am hoping to have Primer Missions for The Schaumburg Beachhead up by the end of the month or beginning of February.  We are working with Spartan on this one so we want to make sure everything is done right.

That is all for now.  Stay tuned for more information!  You may have noticed a new contributor on the Admirals list.  Telarion joins the fray officially.  The Shoal Commander will be posting soon talking about Aquans.  He was the #1 Aquan Admiral on the Spartan Games Community Warlog this past year.  So stay Tuned!

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always


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