Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016! We Got Missions!

Greetings Admirals!  SeerK here with the first post of 2016.  Dreadbeard, Spellduckwrong and I have been hard at work getting the Primer Missions for The 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive at Adepticon done.  We have finished the mission packet so all of you out there can get started on your practice sessions for the big show.  There will be continued development on the actual missions and the official rules document in the coming 2 months.

During the course of your games leading up to Adepticon, we really want to hear some feedback on the missions.  As I said there will be continued development and we want to make sure the actual missions for the Offensive are dialed in as it were.  This is only possible if we get feedback.  Rules interactions, weird situations or mission mechanisms just not working need to be reported to us so we can make sure things get fixed and taken care of.

Playtesting is an organic and ongoing process.  The more games that get played the better.  Things pop up that cause questions.  Things can also pop up with regularity and those are the things we need to know about.  You can't be prepared for every situation, but its nice to try.

So here is the Primer document!

The 2nd Schaumburg Prime Offensive Primer Mission pack

The Link is also in the side board of the blog and available on the Facebook Event page.

That is all for now.   I am working on getting the Primer Pack for The Schaumburg Beachhead Planetfall tournament done.  I am hoping to have it up by Wednesday.  Planetfall and Firestorm Armada will be the emphasis in the weeks leading up to Adepticon.

We will also have some new authors joining us in the coming weeks.  They will be expanding our coverage of other game systems as well as providing alternate views on tactics and play styles in FSA and Planetfall

Thats all for now

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always....


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