Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ever Forward: The Year End Reflection

2015, has been quite a year.   We have seen a lot of change and a lot of growth.  On the blog, the
Podcast and in the community in general.  I have actually been pretty deep in thought about a lot of things as the year comes to a close, about my personal life and the community at large.

We saw lots of releases this past year.  Planetfall helix's, New ships and the big release of Halo.  Spartan Games made Planetfall at their first North American convention.  They came to the mother of all games conventions Gencon.  I think this exposure was really good as there are rumblings of more things to come in the coming new year.  More shows and better community support.  Hell, just in the past 5 months Spartan has really overhauled the vanguard program and made it better.  I happen to know that more changes are on the way and they are exciting to say the least.

We saw big growth in the Firebase Delta Podcast.  We have been on hiatus the past month or so, but will be returning strong in 2016.  The technical issues have been fixed or are in process of getting fixed.  We will be back and stronger than ever, bringing you coverage of your favorite Spartan Games.  The blog has been at a good spot, but I want to grow it.  Some new faces will be around, making posts in 2016.  We will be expanding coverage to other games.  I will be able to focus on FSA, Planetfall and some Halo.  I am also hoping this means I will have more content.  I plan on doing at least one post a week on the same day every week.

  Adepticon 2015 was a great success and the support from the community was awesome.  Our first year there has lead to a second with growth.  Our endeavor known as The Schaumburg Prime Offensive has grown quite a bit we gained some space and are now up to 32 players from 24.  We also added the Planetfall tournament to the mix this year, which sold out quick and now has added space.

I joined the FSA Playtest and have been helping shape the game for the future.  The rest of the guys are helping improve Planetfall and so far have been slowly bringing the game around.  I am looking forward in the coming year to all the FSA and Planetfall stuff that is coming out.

Well it's been one hell of a year and I am glad it is now behind me.  There was a lot of change, some of it bad, but most of it was good.  The benefits shall be reaped in the coming year.  2016 should prove to be as interesting as 2015.  There are things brewing and the anticipation is killing me.


see you on the flip side


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