Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adepticon 2016: Beach Head Primer Missions!

Greetings Admirals, Fleet Marshals and Generals!  After long last we have our Primer Pack for the First Schaumburg Beach Head!  My profuse apologies for how long it took to get this document done.  We had been waiting on word from Spartan. Spartan, as you may have seen is developing Organized play packs for the games.  It had been mentioned in the most recent Spartan blog covering Task Force, which is being released today.  The Packs were not going to be ready in time for Adepticon, so we are going with our traditional format of multi tier missions, that is you have Primary, Secondary and Tertiary objectives.  These award you tournament points.  The three Missions presented will be the missions at the tournament more or less.  since this is the first year I wanted to make sure people were able to really dial in their lists.

The missions will only change if it is found that some aspects do not work or are very unattainable.  that is they will be put through their paces by you the players and the final draft will include the tweaks and improvements.

The Schaumburg Beach Head Primer Pack is now in the side board on the blog here and on the Facebook event page!  Get practicing! We will see you at Adepticon!

Until then crush the Alliance and as always



  1. There is no mention of objectives in Missions 1 and 2. Does that mean only Mission 3 has them?

  2. That is correct, Mission one does not have any objectives and the sectors are the "objectives" in mission 2

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  4. Hmmm. Maybe I don't need as many Objective Secured units as I thought! Here's another question. In Mission 2, can you hold an objective with an immobile unit like a drop pod, Votari crystal, or similar? And I assume a unit spread across two or more zones can not claim, but can contest all of them?

  5. Crystals and Drop pods do not count to hold Zones. Yes a unit spread across two zones holds neither