Monday, February 29, 2016

Its Official! The Schaumburg Prime Offensive That Is!

Greetings Admirals and Field Marshals.  I come to you on the Un-day with some pretty exciting news.  Four years has passed and it is February 29th, a leap year, once again.  Spellduckwrong, Dreadbeard and myself have been playtesting missions and making a boatload of terrain for Adepticon this year.  We have over 25 in our group, coming to the convention this year.  We have two sold out events and a sold out Class.  We have new logos and T-shirts on the way and some fancy new spaceships out in the form of Firestorm Taskforce.  Things are pretty sweet right now.  So what could be sweeter?  The Schaumburg Prime Offensive has been officially sanctioned by Spartan Games to be the Firestorm Armada North American Championships!

That's right kids we are official!  I have been working with the Spartan Crew, shout out to the new Mistress of Marketing Spartan Beth, to make this event official and to bring you some goodies strait from HQ.  I will post some pictures when the goodies arrive.  I would also like to announce that I am currently in talks with a couple more Sponsors for the event.  Broken Egg Games, maker of tokens templates and other fine gaming accessories and everybodys favorite miniature protection and transportation company KR Multicase.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but they have expressed an interest in supporting our endeavors with The Schaumburg Prime Offensive and Adepticon.

I did want to announce as well, that we will not be allowing the Taskforce ships, even if the rules are  available by March 1st. (Edit 7:00 pm 2/29/2016).  I posted a retraction to my original post here on the event website and a few groups.  In case you missed it here it is!

 Greetings all! I had posted an extension on the blog this morning that The Taskforce ships would be allowed as long as Stats were posted by March 7th. Well it would seem stats will be posted before that, but will be in flux. Spartan Neil Posted on the Community Forum today that he recommended not using them in tournaments as the stats will be in a public forum for testing after they are posted. To get feedback from the community at large.

Given this new information, the other Organizers and I have decided to exclude all the Task Force Ships from The Schaumburg Prime Offensive at this time. We want everybody on equal footing and no big surprises. Apologies for any issues this may cause. I have posted the link to the forum if anybody is curious or not on the community forum.

That is all for now, Just wanted to keep everybody updated.  We are 30 days away from the big show and we are excited.  I am working on Phil to start up recording Firebase Delta again.  We have been on Hiatus due to real life, but I am anxious to start recording again.  If you need your Podcast fix, Matt and I have been going on Alex Mann's excellent Podcast The Hubsystem.  Check it out.

Until next time Crush the Alliance and as always.....


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