Sunday, March 20, 2016

Human Sphere N3 At Adepticon!

Whoa nelly it has been a busy couple of weeks.  The team and I are putting the finishing touches on the terrain and the fifty million other things we need to wrap up and finish before the big show next week.  The Awards are here and the mission patches arrived and look awesome.  The final versions of the mission packets are almost complete.  I am going to begin the process of packing all the terrain and such.  The trailer will be loaded after that.  We are excited.  The whole Michigan Crew will be there along with the boys of Firebase Delta.  I am also looking forward to seeing all my brothers and sisters in the Infinity Community. In fact its Infinity I want to talk about...

Human Sphere has not had an update yet.  The book has been anticipated for some time and it looks as if we who are going to Adepticon are going to get first dibs on Human Sphere N3.  The updated Human Sphere book is bringing us new rules for Fireteams as well as new hacking rules.  Aleph and Tohaa players will also be treated to updated rules.

It looks as if we will be getting some new sectorials as well.  The anticipated on, well here anyways we have a ton of Combined Army players, is the First Contact Onyx Force.  This is a new sectoral for The Combined Army and looks like it is going to be bringing some nasty pain to the table.  More Umbras, Sygma Tohaa and Unidrons than you can shake a stick at.  In fact we had a preview of one of the new units this past week, The Umbra Samaritan.  The model looks really good and evil as hell.

I am really looking forward to picking up the book at Adepticon.  I am getting Infinity going here in good old Lansing at present.  The player base is just taking off and I am going to try and get some terrain in there after Adepticon.  I will say I have been lax in my duties in my other Infinity community due to the craziness of Adepticon.  It is my hope to get back into it after and really start getting some events going.  I want to get the community up in Lansing as well.  It is centrally located for events and we already have an ITS event at the Michigan GT here in town every year.  I am going to step up our coverage of Infinity as time goes on and the community develops.  I will still be covering Spartan Games though, so do not worry!

So what am I looking forward to?  I have to say I am looking forward to the new and updated rules for Fire Teams. Carlos, aka "Bostria" did a nice video on Beasts Of War about Human Sphere and the Video battle reports seem to indicate there are major adjustments to the Fire Team rules.  Minimum Team size seems to be different.  There is a lot of theory and conjecture and it is a little hard to sort out for somebody who has been in the community for a little over a year.

As to the new sectorals, I don't think my PanO, Haqqislam or Nomads are getting anything until the next source book.  Rumor has it there is going to be a Svarlheima Sectoral for PanO.  Nisse for days!

I am going to try and do another update before Adepticon, if not everybody can look forward to some almost live coverage here, Twitter and our new YouTube Channel!  I am hoping to have the video issues worked out so we can put some footage from The Schuamburg Prime Offensive.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always........


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