Monday, June 20, 2016

Origins 2016: After Report (Warning Pic Heavy!)

Greetings all! Telarion and I survived Origins.  We are back home and getting unpacked.  I have to say I spent way to much in the vendor hall this year.  I picked up a bunch of Infinity stuff and picked up some Guildball as well.  I had a demo and it was very fun.  Look for some future articles on Guildball as I play and explore the game with the Battle Creek and K-Zoo crews.  I also got tempted back into Warmachine.  The deal they had for the MK3 starter boxes was nice and I could not resist.

The events we ran at the convention also did very well.  We had well over 30 people participate in the Learn to Play Firestorm Armada classes.  The tournament turnout for the Columbus Incident and the Columbus Brawl I.T.S were not great, but both events fired.

I want to congratulate our winners and thank all the participants.  Blood in the sun being on the same weekend as Origins was a big factor me thinks.  I am really hoping that the events do not overlap next year so I can attend both and hopefully get some more players.  Lets look at our winners!

The winner of the Columbus Brawl I.T.S was Mr. Jack Daniels with his Ariadna force.
The Winner of the Columbus Incident was John Cocumelli with his Rense System Navy Fleet.

Congrats guys!  I would also like to thank all our sponsors.  The Toledo Game Room, Custom Meeple, Warsenal and Micro Art Studios all generously supported the Columbus Brawl, while Spartan Games generously supported the Columbus Incident.  Now for some pictures from the weekend!

This was a pic heavy post so Apologies.  Next up for conventions is the biggest of them all.  Gencon!  I will be joining the Spartan Crew at the booth again this year.  So come say hi and meet me and the team that brings you your favorite games.  I will also be backing up Miniature Tim on Thursday of Gencon in judging an Infinity Tournament in the Event hall.

Until next time....Crush the Alliance and as always....


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