Friday, July 22, 2016

The New OSO! SeerK's First Look

Greetings all! SeerK here to talk Firestorm Armada. Spartan Just released the stats for the new OSO ships this past week. We had all our old favorites see updates in the model department and we had some new ships added to really flesh out the fleet. The new ships are following the trend set by Firestorm Task Force. That is we had a light cruiser and escort carrier added to the mix. The addition of an actual cruiser has helped immensely in terms of fleet building. Lets take a look at the three new vessels.

First up is the Representative class light cruiser cruiser. This ship seems pretty in line with the rest of the light cruiser offerings in the rest of the fleets that have them. The OSO is the first non core race to have an actual light cruisers. The ship seems to be a bargain at 30 points. With a cruisers DR and CR with 3 hull points its akin to a really heavy frigate. Fully loaded with Pack Hunters and Bio Hazard beams the ship is only 40 points. This puts the cost at a normal Cruiser squadron though if you are packing 4 ships. It will however give up less battle log when used as a Tier 3 choice in a battle fleet. They will really have to work for the 2 battle log the squadron gives up ( 1 for half and 1 for a tier 3 squadron). The firepower is decent . Three ships nets you 10 AD at range band 1 and 2. An extra ship nets you 3 additional dice. It almost seems more cost effective to do the pack hunter upgrade at that point as it is half the cost of the base ship to give it to 3 of them. Light Cruisers are a very mixed bag in my Opinion. These are pretty decent, but don't really stand out to me. This could change once I see them in action though.

Next up is the Leverage class cruiser. This is a nice addition to the OSO fleet. It has the typical DR of 4 with a nice CR of 7. They have a very attractive initial cost of 40 points. You can add two different additional weapon systems. Cyberwarfare, which have the Assault Robot Torpedoes MAR and standard Torpedoes with the Biohazard MAR. These are 10 points each and if you take both with the additional shield option you have a cost that is on par with most standard cruisers. This gets expensive if you max out the squadron size. The firepower is pretty substantial though. In fact it is on par with the Auditor Gunships, but 60 points more expensive with a fully loaded and maxed out squadron. The OSO really needed a regular cruiser, the gunships are nice but the squadron size of 2 is a hindered when battle log is concerned. In fleets with only OSO ships you can take 3 gunships but the squadron is pretty expensive at that point. The cruiser gives you a lot more flexibility in your fleet building. This ship is a great addition to the OSO fleet.

The Last ship added to the OSO fleet is the Paradigm class Escort Carrier. This ship adds some interesting things to the OSO fleet. It is slightly more expensive than the light cruiser. It has a 2 wing capacity and some decent weaponry in the fore arc. In an all OSO fleet they can be taken in squadrons of 4. They can take an additional shield and have 5 hull points. 4 ships with their compliment of wings is 200 points. That is not to bad considering you can have a full token of bombers and an additional SRS token that can be used in a support role. I did not see anything about mixing these guys into the cruiser and light cruiser squadrons in the PDF update. If its possible that would open up a whole hot of possibilities. I have not been sure how to take the Escort carriers. They are a mixed bag and I did not get one in the Relthoza fleet. These ships can be used offensively or in a support role. This gives the OSO some tactical flexibility. In the core races there are ships that are just plain better than the Escort carriers and they get over looked in lewe of better ships. I think OSO players may be fielding these guys quite a bit, especially in pure OSO fleets. They have some offensive punch, but can support the other ships in the fleet. They can provide the “2” in a 1 2 punch to finish off targets. This also gives you the ability of having wings in the fleet without having to take a Foundry which is, lets face it, not always an option or spending the points on a battleship build that takes up two of your hard points.. This means you have flexibility.

I think all three of these ships are an excellent addition to the Marauders fleet. It gives you a nice base fleet to build off of and lets you field a pure OSO fleet that is pretty damn competitive. I am looking forward to see what else Spartan has in store for FSA. We have the clamor happening now for Halo Ground Command building up. I of course will be on hand at Gencon for its release. Come by the booth and say HI! I don't know if I am going to have a post up before Gencon, but I plan on posting Pictures and such as I take them on our Twitter feed and doing some posts while I am on site.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always....

REMEMEBR DRAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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