Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gencon is Nigh!!

Greetings all!  SeerK here once again.  We are 22 days away from Gencon.  Yours truly will be in attendance for my second year.  I will be once again joining the Spartan Games crew at the Spartan Games booth in the Exhibitors hall Friday to Sunday.  The focus this year will of course be the release of Halo Ground Command.  Last year visitors to Gencon were treated to some of the prototype models.  This year we have the game making its debut.  Spartan will once again be teaming up with the Warstore.  You can look forward to demos and product at the Warstore booth.  I am really look forward to trying this game out.  i have been hearing bits and pieces  and so far I like what I am hearing.  Lets take a quick look at it!

Halo Ground Command is 1/100 scale so we are looking at a scale that is close to Planetfall, but bigger.  This means more details in the models and a scale that you can still do mass combat with.  There are elements from Halo Fleet Battles, namely the way in which you build your force.  You have a Build Value for each Battle Group and a Maximum Force Value.  I personally like the fleet building aspect of Halo Fleet Battles.  The game itself is pretty solid and I wish it would catch on here in the Lansing area more.  I am going to be trying to do some demo days for it here in Michigan as I start back up with FSA events.  There has been a lull in the community here that is pretty typical
during the summer months.

I will be at the main booth, which I do believe is in the exact same spot as last year, talking to fans and helping Neil hold down the fort.  It has been quite a year so for Spartan.  Firestorm Task Force along with a host of newly resculpted fleets, New Halo ships and now a Ground Combat game for the Halo universe.  I am actually pretty eager to talk to the Spartan crew face to face.  I have some questions and concerns I want to bring up and discuss.  I won't go into it here, but I have some concerns about the future and how thin Spartan seems to be spread.  I have not been real happy with Task Force and I think moving FSA to a system like Halo Fleet Battles would have the desired effect of speeding up play.  I know there have been rumors of version 3.0 of FSA floating around and I really think that Spartan needs to consolidate their rules more.  Spellduckwrong, Dreadbeard and I talked about this the other night actually.

Spellduckwrong put fourth that Spartan may benefit from consolidating their rules sets like Privateer Press does.  Warmachine and Hordes are technically separate games, but they are compatible.  That is you can use Hordes Armies to play against Warmachine Armies.  In fact the MK3 version of the rules actually makes this easier.  Wouldn't be cool if you could play FSA and Halo ships in the same system?  One solid system for Space Ships and one for Ground combat.  This would mean you can concentrate on less systems and improve the 2 you have.  You could continue development of new units and models, but the core system itself could be tweaked in one spot so to speak.

Its a thought.  I want to see Spartan grow and continue to make awesome games and even better models.  I do not like some of the stuff I have been hearing about and seeing.  I will be picking up a Starter at Gencon so I can see what Halo Ground Command is all about.

Thursday I will be in the Event Hall all day.  I will be in the Infinity play area running I.T.S Tournaments .  I have the Gencon Joint Ops: After Dark running Thursday night.  I will be Mingling with the Corvus Belli crew and my fellow Warcors Thursday and the nights I am not mingling with Spartan.  I am going to be busy.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always.....


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