Sunday, April 9, 2017

Adepticon: The Aftermath

Greetings all!  SeerK here once again.  It has been about a week and a half since I got home from Adepticon and I am finally feeling normal.  I was exhausted for a couple days after, especially since I had to play catch up on several fronts. This would be why I am only posting about the convention now.  This year was very fun but at the same time extremely exhausting.  We had 6 events running this year and all of them went pretty smoothly.  I am going to list off the winners and announce the winner of the one of a kind Cortana portrait done by Sarah Campbell who is one of the 3D modelers at Studio 343.  Our Halo Event participants are all in running for this great piece of Halo memorabilia.
So lets dive into the winners and some reflections on Adepticon 2017.

I am seeking to get more help next year it the main lesson I have learned.  I was basically chained to the table in the Spartan Games area until Friday when my co Organizers helped run the Narrative event and run the Shcaumburg Prime Offensive.  I need to learn to delegate more.  I also think we need to tighten up the schedule for next year.  That is double up on events so we have a free day next year.  There was little to no overlap of players between the game systems.

One of the other things we discussed is going back to a one day format for the North American Firestorm Armada Championships.  The two day format was fun, but I think it turned some potential players off.  I also want to make it so the FSA championships do not conflict with the Warhammer 40K team tournament.  I know we had players who opted for the Team tourney over FSA this year.  We have also discussed going down to 3 rounds so we can keep the event contained to a solid day that also allows people to have their night free.

Dystopian Wars Participants
That is the real key for me next year at least.  Keeping events contained to the day so nights are free.  The team and I are already discussing doing a major upgrade to tables, Terrain and presence next year.  This includes an official Spartan Games presence in the form of a booth with some staffers from HQ to run demos for eager players.  Our Halo Vanguards stepped up and ran demos all weekend.  Sadly we did not have the staff to run demos for the other systems.  All in all I think this years events were successful and we learned some valuable lessons for next year.

The swag bags for this year were pretty nice and I am lamenting not doing the VIG upgrade.  It was very legit this year.  There were also more Vendors.  In fact there were more events and if my information is correct they met last years attendance numbers in preregistration alone.  Very Impressive.  Although I do lament not being able to hang out with my Infinity cohorts I did get to see them.  I was unable to play in the 200 point tournament as well.  Stupid responsibilities.  I guess it is more incentive to get things running smoother and delegating things.

Well lets talk about our event winners.  We had some pretty fierce competition this year, but despite the shark tank everybody had a ton of fun.  The big news is that the North American Firestorm Armada Champion retained his title by winning a scorcher of a game.  So here are the winners!

The Schaumburg Prime Offensive North American FSA Championships.

1st. Larry "Telarion" Ramirez
2nd. Steve "Lord Solar Steve" Krohn
3rd. Stuart "Stoobert" Gaston

Best Painted Chris Mazon

Best Sport  Robert Oswald

The Schaumburg Beach Head Planetfall GT

1st. James Clifford
2nd.  Robert Oswald
3rd.  Adam Glon

Best Painted  Chris Mazon

Best Sport Sean Beck

The Flashpoint Amber Narrative Mega Battle

Best Kurak Commander  Steve Krohn

Best Zenian Commander  Issac Payne

The Schaumburg Clash! Dystopian Wars GT

1st. Bob Schroder
2nd. Ernesto Salas
3rd. Andy Rucker

Best Painted  Richard Grady

Best Sport  Al Maldonado

The Battle For Reach Halo Ground Command GT

1. Kyle Toth
2. Ian Duff
3. Tod Higman
4. Ian Browningsmith

The Fall of Reach Halo Fleet Battles GT

1. Andrew Karolus
2. Cody Nance
3. Nick Post
4. Caleb Bailey
5. Justin Moore

The lucky winner of The Cortana Portrait after a random draw is Ian Browningsmith!  I will be trying to contact you.  If you read this shoot me a message at the blog email which is listed to the right.

Well there are the winners.  I will be getting the Amry lists together once I get the stack from Dreadbeard.  I may have to do that as a downloadable file as it is a bunch of army lists even if I only list the top 3 places of each event.  All In all it was a good year and we learned some valuable lessons.  There will be improvements next year and new editions of the games.  2018 will be a very interesting year.

Next time I finally start talking Game Design.  We are going in deep with play testing starting this week.  As the Beta group member return their NDA's they will be added.  We are still getting all the reporting and what not in place, but things are progressing very well and we have our action plan in place after our 3 hour conference call today.  I am going to be doing a lot of play testing.  So Infinity talk and games will be my escape and palette cleanser.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always.....


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