Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kuragi Crisis Battle 1

Hello all.  I wanted to post my first battle report for the Kuragi Crisis Campaign.  It was a very rough game to say the least.  I decided to go the narrative route rather than do a blow by blow account of the battle.  I played George, AKA Spellduckwrong, and his U.S. Ariadna.  I was using my NeoTerrans.  We played in the Pan-OC Multibase, specifically the HAS area.  This was a modified version of the Decapitation mission.

++++++Alpha Level Clearance+++++++
++++Classified Violet Ultra+++++
+++++Mission Debreif++++++
+++Special Operations Team Heimdal+++++

-Total Team loss to Ariadna Ambush
-Cube recovered
-Agent 13 on site for analysis

Agent 13 surveyed the perimeter camp.  Ten bodies laid out before him in a row covered in sheets.  The remains of Special Operations Team Heimdal. Agent 13 shook his head and cursed the Ariadnans under his breath.
“Boss, Father Orsen has recovered 4 cubes.  Sgt. Masterson, LT Orin, Indigo Bipandra and 2nd Lt Mathers.” The Nisse, Corporal Bahir, gestured to The knight Hospitaller as he connected one of the cubes to a recall unit.  “He is loading the Aquilas first.  Looks like he had a the best vantage point.  He was on sentry duty according to the roster”
“Piss poor job too”  The second Nisse, Corporal Sohn, walked up his multi sniper rifle slung on his back. “I found a bunch of shells in some prime nest spots.  Looks as if they were packing Tesium rounds”
“Do we know which Ariadna faction hit us?” Agent 13 examined the shells Corporal Sohn had found.
“Looks Like the U.S.” Corporal Sohn held up a damaged flak jacket that had been ditched.  The logo of a Foxtrot Ranger on its breast.
Agent 13 walked at a brisk pace to Father Orsen.  “Father tell me we recovered some intel”
“We have indeed Agent.  The lord has granted us insight on this terrible incident.”
The Father activated the viewer on the recall machine.  It was risky taking the machine out into the field, but Agent 13 needed answers.

The Screen lit up and they could see through the eyes of the Aquila Guard.  The multispectral visor detected heat signatures.  It looked like a team of 5 medium sized infantry was advancing while fire came in from 3 different sniper positions.  A Missile launch from an unseen shooter, most likely a katazyusha could be seen in the distance.  So the Ariadnans had struck first.  Hard and fast as was the U.S.’s M.O.  The last thing the Aquila had seen was a Muzzle flash from what looked like a Blackjack.  The Tesium round had killed the Aquila.  The Aquila had recorded a Bolt team taking fire and one going down also to the Black Jack.  The Missile launcher armed Bolt was on the losing end of a fire fight with what Agent 13 could make out as a Marauder fire team.  Casualties were mounting quickly.
“Load Up Bipandra’s Cube, we need to evac that one quickly for resurrection.”
The Father took a few minutes to carefully hook up the cube of Indigo BiPandra.
BiPandra was standing on the second level of a building in cover with Lt Anderson.  The Fusilier was barking orders through his comm.  The unit was pinned down.  As BiPandra peered around a corner she saw the Aquila go down as well as an Auxila trying to maneuver his bot into heavy flamethrower range of the Marauder fire team.  They were both taken out by sniper fire and fire from the fire team. BiPanras last image was of a Maverick hitting her with fire.
By the time they had viewed the cube from the Lt and the loan Bolt who was the last to go down it was clear it was over quick.  The NeoTerran force had not been able to pin down or eliminate a single Ariadna soldier.  The defeat was utter.  There were no survivors.

Father Orson sighed. “It looks as if they had to leave in a hurry sir.  The rest of the soldiers cubes have been shot out purposely”
Agent 13 looked towards the mountains.  “The relief force was inbound as per the troop rotation, they couldn’t finish the job completely.”  Agent 13 contemplated this for a moment.  They had been watching.

“Lt, gather the team for evac.  The Trauma Doc core is here to take care of the bodies.  We have all the information we need.  Its time to go hunting.”
“Yes Sir” Lt Frey saluted and walked of.  Agent 13 spoke into his comm.  “Agent 13 to Odin”  The Odin was a specially outfitted atmosphere capable Frigate that was currently in orbit.  It was Agent 13’s current base of operations.
 “Odin Receiveing Agent 13”
“Send drop ship alpha for evac.  Tell jones to prep Mjolnir for combat drop.”
“Yes sir, he has been itching to do an orbital insertion with that TAG for a week now, Odin out”

Agent 13 pondered the situation for a moment.  It is time to hunt.  The mission targeting Imperial Service units would have to take priority, but the Ariadnans had now made the list for elimination.  The campaign was off to a rocky start….

This was a rough Game.  George had total mid field and board control.  I could not move anybody out from cover without their heads being blown off by overlapping sniper fire.  In retrospect I did not make a good board side choice, and I did not set up potential ARO's on deployment.  I was a turtle out of fear of the snipers. Going first on this mission is a big plus.  George was able to neutralize my token ARO units easily because they were alone.  Learning experience.  Games with George usually are.

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