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Kurage Crisis Battle 2: Enter Haqq

Greetings all! the adventures of Agent 13 continue with my 2nd Kurage Crisis Campaign Battle.  I had to fix my last post as it would seemed I posted the wrong report in it.  SO my apologies.  IN fact if you read my first battle post, this one may seem familiar.  I would go back and read the first post again it has been fixed.  My second battle was against Haqqislam.  It was a close game and resulted in my first campaign victory.  Sadly we did not play in the Pan-Oc theater to help reinforce it.  Good old PanO is struggling to defend its territory.  We have our hands full. Lets join Agent 13 on site!

++++++Alpha Level Clearance+++++++
++++Classified Violet Ultra+++++
+++++Mission Debreif++++++
+++Special Operations Team Heimdal+++++

  • Haqqislam encounter at Zhan Huo
  • Presence of Aleph recreation Sladin
  • Armed engagement during prob
  • Mission objectives changed
  • Possible Hassassin involvement

Agent 13 sneered at the Al’Hawwa as he was lead away.  The Haqqislamite forces had not been anticipated. It was a good thing He had spotted heat signatures in the distance and The locust, Peters, now attached to the unit identified a Fiday trying to sneak up on corporal Sohn in his sniper nest. Father Orsen had already retrieved Sohns cube. A “Desert Chicken” remote had hit him with an HMG.  Not the first time he had to be sleeved into a new body. Casualties were relatively light considering. The Haqqislam attack was well thought out and well coordinated. Peters had spotted and commed in that Tarik Mansuri was present, before he was gunned down. They had also found the body of the Tohaa merc attached for retrieval riddled with Spitfire rounds.

Machinist Ross and his apprentice Ensign Ellie Miller from the Tech Bee battalion were busy doing an inspection on the bullet riddle wreck that was Sgt Jones Jotum TAG.  Mjolnir Had seen better days and Agent 13 surmised it would not see combat for some time. If at all.
The Haqqislam team was loaded for bear and was comprised of heavy infantry elements from the Janissaries as well as Kaplan Mercenaries and Hakims.  The most interesting thing though was who was leading the team. Saladin. The Aleph Aspect dubiously accepted by Haqqislam high command was not supposed to be here.  He would not have risked being on a covert operation unless there was something very Important was there. Information That warranted his presence.

The consoles taken yielded some intel.  The information accessed by the Haqqislamites had been erased after download.  Although his team had dominated the field and accessed more data, the information Agent 13 was interested in was gone.

“Corporal Bahir!”
“Sir!”  The Nisse walked briskly to Agent 13’s side.
“Did the Al’hawwa’s hacking device have any residual data?”
“No sir, Whatever he had was gone.  Last thing in there was the breaching program that knocked out Riggs”  The Nisse gestured to the Croc Man sitting a few feet away, holding his head in his hands.  Father Orsen was tending to his wounds.
“Well it looks as if we have had another curve ball thrown at us.  I was expecting Yu Jing at the sentry encampment, but Saladin's men already neutralized them.”
“It looks as if we interrupted them from how the fight went, they got out of here in a hurry when that Jotum rammed up the middle”
“Well Bahir, I would too.”  Agent 13 contemplated the situation and decided it was time to pay the Ariadnans a visit.  Yu Jing had no information that he needed and the Pan-Oc facility needed reinforcement

Things were getting intresting…..

I will be posting at least 1 more battle report despite the campaign being over.  My wedding was last weekend so I have been occupied the past couple weeks.  I will also be starting with our series on event and Tournament organization.  We will be starting with the pre stages of developing an event lead into marketing and promoting  and then preregistration.  We will be teaching classes at Adepticon once again in 2019. It is my hope we can expand on those classes with the blog posts.

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