Sunday, February 3, 2019

Mitten Mayhem!

Hello all. After a long hiatus we have returned. This year we will focus on Infinity, Mantic games and some other small war games.  I will also have information about the Lasing groups upcoming Infinity Event.  Mitten Mayhem!  A 32 person 5 round Infinity ITS event. Lets look at the details of the midwest's latest Infinity Tournament.

First a little blurb from the event site.

 Michigan joins the fray with Mitten Mayhem, A 5 round 300 point Dire States Infinity ITS event.  2 days of Infinity in  Lansing Michigan

Our cap is 32 players with room to expand if there is demand.  
Evolution Games plays host to the newest tournament in the midwest meta.

Lord Bostria's cup will be up for grabs!

Food, drinks, community and INfinity.  Everything that makes a Dire States event!

join us September 14th and 15th 2019

Registration will be $40 and will start in June.

The group here in Lansing is very excited to be hosting this event.  We have a great community here in Michigan and they are excited to be able to participate in a Dire States event close to home. This is a community event though.  The hallmark of any Dire States event is building community.  That means there will be social events in addition to two solid days of Infinity. 

We will be having a meet and great at one of Lansings many local breweries.  The current front runners are Lansing Brewing, Eagle Monk Brewery and Ellison Brewery.  These three really encompass the local beer scene here in Lansing.  Our Saturday night event is under discussion.  We have so many cool spots.  Axe throwing, a retro Barcade called "The Grid" Distilleries and of course  Bars and pubs that serve all Michigan has to offer in the way of Micro brews.
Even though we are a little early in the planning of Mitten Mayhem things are shaping up to be a really good weekend for all. 

Our host for the event is our biggest FLGS and home to Capital Infinity.  Evolution Games on Lansing's west side.  This store has a large and thriving game community and stocks Infinity.  They are our first sponsor.

That is all for now.  I will be posting more information here on the blog as it develops until we have the official website built and ready to roll. 

Until next time remember always do it....

For the Hyperpower!!!!!

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