Sunday, June 27, 2010

Combat Patrol Tournament at Evolution Games: The Aftermath

This past Saturday I participated in the Combat Patrol Tournament at Evolution games here in good old Lansing. Sadly I forgot my camera so no pictures this time around. It was a 4 round tournament with 2 objective based games and 2 based on kill points. For those of you not familiar with Combat patrol it is a tournament style that is pretty popular at Adepticon. You have a 400 point list. You must take one troop choice. No saves of 2+ are allowed nor are models with more than 2 wounds. Monstrous creatures were also not allowed in this particular tournament.
For my list I took

6x Guardian Bikers w/1 shuriken cannon and Warlock with singing spear and embolden
1x squadron of 3 War Walkers. 2 with missile launcher, 1 with bright lance all with scatter lasers.

I am pretty happy with how the list did. Round one I met with a Necron force of 10 warriors, 3 destroyers and one heavy destroyer. He got first turn which saw the destruction of two war walkers. I took out the heavy destroyer and then eventually made my way into hand to hand. The Warlock and bikes were destroyed by ironically enough the destroyers. My lone War Walker held out and got me a tie 1 KP to 1 KP.
Round 2 Saw me square up with Old School Terminator from Dark Future Games. He brought his Tyranids. 3 broods of Genestealers and 2 hive guard. We made it two turns before he conceded victory to me. This is mostly because I was actually in a good position in the dead center of the 4x4 table. When his first 2 units of Genestealers out flank from either side of me they could not get into range to assault. This left them wide open for fire form both of my units and given the amount of fire I could bring to bear with an AP value of 5 or greater the Genestealers stood no chance.. I had already offed one Hive Guard. So Victory was mine 5KP to 0KP.
Round three did not go so good. Papa Nurgle brought the pain, without any minions of Nurgle strangely enough, with 3 flamers, 5 pink horrors with a herald and 2 blood crushers. I did not realize how shooty pink horrors can be. Needless to say the bike squad was wiped out on turn 2 and the War Walkers went a turn later. This only strengthens my dislike of the Daemon Codex. I am still under the firm belief that the models are under priced and over powered.
Round 4 I squared up against our local War Machine guru Dave and His Imperial Guard. This was a fun battle as he brought lots of sentinels. We had a Gentleman's agreement that his vet squad would stay out of the war walkers way so they could duke it out with the sentinels. So the bike squad engaged the vets while my 3 War Walkers took on his 4 scout sentinels and his 2 armored ones. It was a dawn of war set up so there was not a whole lot of shooting. I have to admit I was kind of dumb. I did not assault the vets soon enough. I pad for it with heavy losses from the bikes. They held their own though and the Warlock survived long enough to kill a few vets and contest his objective. My War Walkers proved their worth by destroying 3 sentinels in close combat. Sadly the last scout sentinel held out long enough for his armored brothers to reach the assault. I was hoping to kill the scouts and then be able to shoot the armored ones as The War Walkers strength of 5 is not enough to hurt an armored sentinel. Regardless it was a Draw.
The winner was one of our resident Warboss's. Congrats to Matt and his killer Mob of Nobs in their truck who laid waste all those that stood before them. They even went toe to toe with a 6 strong squad of blood crushers and won.
So all in all a good tournament. Next time we will have part 5 of the Aspects of Khaine. Shining Spears.

Until then...................................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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