Sunday, June 13, 2010

Battle Report: Eldar vs Daemons and Orcs

Old School Terminator of Dark Future Games and I teamed up for a team battle Vs Papa Nurgle's Daemons and the Ork Horde of Evolution Games Computer Guru Shane. This battle was a capture and control mission with everybody's favorite deployment dawn of war. Each of us had 1750 points for a massive 3500 points per side battle. Old School was using his newly acquired army of Dark Eldar. That right you heard right Craftworld Ulthwe led by none other than Eldrad Ulthran was allied with the Dark kin of Cormaragh. In retro spec I should have brought my super heavies. A titan would have been nice for the battle given the amount of Orks on the table. I guess I was not fully aware how many boys you could cram into 1750 points. Add the fact it was led by the mighty Ork warlord Ghazghul Thraka and we have quite the horde. The forces of Nurgle were noting to scoff at as well. 4 units of Plague Bearers made up the core with a unit of 7 beasts of Nurgle. Yeah I said 7. I think it was 7 anyways. The mass was just to scary to look at for to long. A Great Unclean one lead the way with a Blood Thirster drafted from the legions of Khorne.
The list I was running is the prototype for my GW Store tourney list for the second round. Old School was running an Archon with Incubi and two warriors as well as Drazaar. He also had a squad of wyches led by a witch dracite. There were 3 ravagers and a hoard of warriors all on raiders. I think he had 4 warrior squads. There was a lot on the board and my memory is a bit fuzzy after such a long game. I had Eldrad and 8 warlocks leading the way with the Avatar. 2 squads of 15 guardians with warlocks , a squad of Dire Avengers, one wave serpent with bright lances, 2 Wraithlords and a squad of Striking Scorpions.

Our first turn was lack luster as we advanced. We only managed to kill 5 orcs in the initial shooting phase out of the mob of 30 that was on the board. Once the rest of the hoard hit the table on turn 2 Ghazghul initiated a waagh and all the boys advanced, except the really big mob of lootas , 15 to be exact. The first mob in had a big mech with them and they managed to wipe out a gaurdian squad but the Dark Eldar warriors guarding the objective managed to hold back the tide until one of my Wraithlords managed to make it there. The big mech actually did not die until turn 4 though. He was a tenacious git. The Minions of Papa Nurgle landed with the Great unclean one almost having a little accident. They began the slow advance towards the objective. The beasts, 3 units of plague bearers, the Great Unclean one and the blood thirster all landed in the same corner which was a very scary sight.
The orcs advanced and my Striking Scorpions came in on turn 2 outflanking on the right. This brought them into a huge unit of boys and although they took heavy casualties my unit Scorpions out numbered 3 to 1 came out on top after 2 turns of combat. Eldrad and the Avatar took out the boys brought in by the looted vehicles while The second wraithlord supported the Archon and wyches as they engaged the minions of Nurgle.
The Avatar Fought one turn of combat with Ghazghul Thraka and added him the the tally of hero's brought down by the wailing doom. The Avatar was not so lucky as he engaged the Blood thirster. Despite his wounds he brought the Blood thirster down to a single wound and then fell beneath his mighty axe.

By this point the battle was pretty bloody. The Minions of Papa Nurgle were engaged in a huge melee with the Archon and his retinue, the wyches and the wraithlord who finally succumbed to sheer weight of attacks by the plague bearers poison weapons.
The Orcs were pretty much wiped out with the 2 looted vehicles and truck immobilized and the lootas taking fire from 2 ravagers and two squads of warriors and one raider.

The unit of plague bearers who engaged the warriors guarding our objective finally defeated them. My Dire Avengers cut their number down a bit with a blade storm them moved to hand to hand. Mean while a gimped out raider made a break to contest their objective.

The Archon and his minions along with the wyches defeated 3 units of plague bearers along with the beasts of Nurgle and a Great Unclean one. A melee that lasted 4 turns. Alas my Dire Avengers could not hold out in the end and were routed. Eldrad and the Archon moved in but the Wych Dracite finished off the Bearers on our objective.

So with no Troops to hold it and A raider and some warriors contesting theirs we had a draw. We totaled kill points and again we came to a draw. Since it was 1:30 a.m. We just called it a draw

So this epic game that was a swirling melee of death and destruction was all for naught. I guess that's how it goes.
Old School Terminator will have a video report of this battle up soon on Dark Future Games so check it out when he gets around to it.

Next time we will have part 4 of our series on Aspect warriors. The ladies of death. The Howling Banshees.

Also next week will will have a look at the Chapter House Studios Warlocks and Farseer On jet bikes conversion kits.

Next Sunday I will have the aftermath of the GW Store Tournament 2nd round as well. OS lots of stuff

Until then...........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great report man! How do you remember so much? I have been meaning to post the batrep myself, but real life just kept getting in the way.

  2. I have a decent memory when it comes to games.

    I have so much free time right now I can write stuff all the time. Hell I think I have 3 I am going to do this week.