Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts on Lady Aurelia Malys

Well I have only two losses so far with the “Lelith Fair” list as I write this. I had a game last night with Old School Terminator and his Tyranids. This took place before we were set to record the first issue of my Podcast “It Came From the Webway”, but sadly The Stormlord backed out at the last minute. He had the equipment. I will cut him a little slack, he is an older guy like myself and just started a Master's program at Michigan State. We did record a video blog though where we discuss the new GW releases. So look for that soon.
So the biggest change I have made to my list is the addition of a Ravager and the Addition of Lady Malys and a retinue of Incubi. Lets take a look at the Lady that makes this a true chic fest of an army list.

Lady Aurelia Malys is the Archon of The Kabal of the poisoned tongue. She is a youngin by Eldar Standards at only 1200 years old. She is a former consort of Vect and has a mind like a steel trap. Thanks to some Webway alien mojo she has a power similar to Eldrads Divination power. She can place units in reserve though. She lacks the usual Shadow field, but still benefits from a 4+ Invulnerably save. She is armed with what is basically a Djinn Blade and an additional close combat weapon.

Her big claim to fame though is the fact she is immune to all psychic powers and also bestows this ability to any squad she joins. This makes her quit the added bonus to a unit that has killing power. Adding her to a unit of Incubi or even a unit of Grotesques can really make the unit that much more nasty, especially if it has pain tokens.

The drawbacks as I have come to find with her is she is only strength 3. Like Lelith she gets a raw ton of attacks in close combat, but still is only strength 3. She does not have combat drugs also so there is no chance of a strength boost. This was a Major thing in the last two games I have played. The big issue was against Old School Terminator as he defended the Honor of Dark Future Games with his Tyranids. Although she was immune to any shenanigans from big Tyranitus , his Hive Tyrant, she and her Incubi got spanked due to the inability to wound it effectively. It would have been better having an Archon with a shadow field, agonizer, soul trap and Djinn blade and you have some staying power with some better potential killing power for only 10 points more. Granted you don't have the psychic immunity. This is really situational though. There are ways of dealing with psychic powers that don't involve blowing an HQ slot. I, for instance, should have kept my distance from Old Schools tyranids and just Dark Lanced the big critters until they died. Note to everybody, blast the hive tyrant first. I was also surprised to see she does not even have a splinter pistol so not shooting for the Lady.

All in all Lady Malys could be a good addition to a game in which you know psykers are going to e a major issue. I think I may be swapping her out for a regular Archon. We will see. I may keep her in just to keep the theme up and work on my strategy a bit.

Well next time I am going to cover some tactics. Namely Eldar in close combat. I have had some revelations after my past two games that I wish to share. Also look for my video blog in the coming days. Its my first so I apologize in advance if it seems rough

Until then..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. The problem is that per power so situational. Even against an army which has a psyker her power may be useless if the psyker just buffs his own units.

    I think overall an archon would be better, but she's not too bad, you list will still be competitive if you include her, so if you like her you should keep her.


  2. She is good if paired with Vect for some deployment domination. I wrote how to do it at The synergy between the two is quite cool.