Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hippie Rocker Chics Need not Apply: A List I Call "Lelith Fair"

I was asked by a couple of the DFG guys at the shop to put fourth some Dark Eldar competitive lists so they could test their Adepticon lists. Friday I squared off against Samsquatch Monster and his Space Wolves. I have been eagerly waiting the chance to spill space marine blood. Especially after the tie game Vs a very beaten Black Templar army. I came up with a list I like to Call Lelith Fair.
This list is no hippie chic rock fest. Its a finely honed force from the Wych Cult of Strife lead by its Deadly Mistress, that saucy red headed temptress Lelith Hesperax.
The core of the force is of course made up of Wychs and Hekatrix Blood Brides. There is also a squad of Kabalite Warriors and some Ravagers for support. I actually included a squad of Harlequins in the initial version, but Lelith found them wanting. I never have been able to deploy and use Harlequins effectively. Granted they rended and took out a couple of rhinos, but failed to really survive passed that.


Samsquatch had the first turn and the game turned out to be a spearhead Deployment. Much to my displeasure it was a kill point game. The Wolves deployed in a wall formation with the Long Fang pack taking up position in a large ruined building. I actually deployed my whole force as I did not want to get picked off slowly as things came in from reserve. The Wychs in their raiders lined up as close to the enemy as they could. The Ravagers brought up the rear. The Kabalite Warriors deployed in some ruins and left their transport empty for Lelith and the Harlequins to board as they were all deployed within 2 inches.

Turn 1

Turn one saw a torrent of fire destroy a raider. There was minimal casualties. The Raider with the Hekatrix Blood Brides was also stunned. The remaining Raiders moved flat out towards the enemy. Dark Lance fire manged to shake a predator and that was about it. During the whole game I managed to make flicker field saves like mad and fail to do any real damage with my dark lances

Turn 2

The Wolves continued to poor fire into the raiders this time destroying another . Some Wyches died, but did not get pinned. The Wych Squad advancing due to loss of transport was thinned out by plasma cannon fire from the dreadnoughts. The wolves remained pretty much in the same position with the rhinos moving forward a bit. Lelith and the harlequins deployed from their Raider and the Still remaining Wyches form the downed raider advanced on the Predators. The Hekatrix Blood Brides now mobile moved flat out towards the now forming front. The Kabalite Warriors manged to destroy a plasma cannon on one of the dreadnoughts as they strayed within range of their Dark Lance. The Harlequins lead by Lelith charged the Rhino line after their fusion pistols managed to immobilize one of their number. They managed to assault 3 of the Vehicles immobilizing one and destroying two. The Wychs managed to haywire both predators silencing their guns with one turret destroyed on one and both being immobilized.

Turn 3

The wolves were not taking all this well. They deployed and began to poor bolter rounds into the wychs and Harlequins. The 4, yeah 4, Rune Priests began to work their powers killing the Harlequin troop leader and a wych. The bolter fire and frag missiles form the Long Fangs took care of the rest of the troop leaving Lelith free to work her deadly art. The predators succumbed to haywire grenades after a dreadnought was blasted by the, until now, useless Ravagers. A rhino was also taken out. Lelith charged int combat with a squad of Grey Hunters lead by a wolf priest. She killed all but one of the Grey Hunters and the Rune Priest. The Rune Priest failed to wound her. The wyches managed to take out the predators and the Hekatrix blood brides charged into one of the remaining Rhinos immobilizing it. The Ravagers punished the Dreadnoughts destroying one as the Warriors advanced.

Turn 4

By this time most of both armies were engaged in hand to hand, the Long Fangs, perhaps suffering from senility or old age, Failed to be effective trying to take out a ravager. Plasma fire did however immobilize a raider and destroy another. The Blood brides managed to destroy the Rhino they had assaulted and then went hand to hand with the squad inside. The Iron priest lost his servitors to the remaining Wych unit. Lelith continued to fight the Rune priest who was being very stubborn. He managed to wound her twice, but his mind was not focused enough to kill her with his force weapon. This roll of 11 would prove clutch as Lelith stayed locked in combat with him.

Turn 5

Once I had closed the distance and started to assault things I quickly made up the 3 Kill points The wolves had managed to get. I was up 7 to 4. Lelith Failed to kill the Rune priest this round and I lost Blood brides in close combat. The Wolves could have caught up this turn but due to sheer luck of the roll no kill points were gained. It was a swirling melee with some deaths, but no Kill points. As Samsquatch rolled for turn 6, a roll of a 2 ended the game.

This was a very decisive victory and a great learning experience for both of us. I plan on developing this list further.  Lelith is such a beast in close combat.  Despite her strength of 3 she really cuts units to pieces.  Quantity over strentgh.  The Blood Brides are tough as well.  Of course it helped I rolled +1 strength for combat drugs, but they were very effective.  Especially armed with haywire grenades.  Well actually all the squads were effective with the haywire grenades.  So much easier than dark lances.
I actually got a second game in Against Captain Obvious, of Dark Future Games fame, against his Daemons. It did very very well with the changes I made. I will have that battle report later in the week along with a nice overview of my new favorite unit. Beast Masters. I will also cover the slaying of Space Marine Librarians in my new series called “Make Them Know Fear”. I guess I will just post articles about killing all things power armor as a weekly segment for a while. God I hate Space Marines. I hope to have the Pod cast recorded this week as well I have been trying to think of good topics to talk about, thus the delay. So fingers crossed

Until next time..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That is seriously the gayest list name ever, thank you Tori Amos... I mean SeerK ;)

  2. It tears it up though. Thanks for trolling slappy. I want to try and do the podcast wednesday at Evo if you are game.

  3. Again thanks for trolling. It took me a bit to find the typo.

  4. You're welcome! I suppose you could nail a piece of wood to it, but I prefer the standard option.