Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Forgeworld love

Well looks like we are seeing some love from Forgeworld.  These would appear to be some test rules and models we will see in the upcoming Imperial Armor 11.

First up we have the Warp Hunter which is a Heavy support choice.  Not only is this guy packing a d-cannon it has a special fire mode that uses the flame template.  Based on the venerable Falcon / Wave Serpent chassis this is a nice addition.  I am a big fan of distortion cannons and I have always felt they needed to be used more.  More pics and the rules pdf can be found here

The models I am real excited about is the guys to the right.  The shadow Specters are a new Aspect warrior shrine.  As I suspected when I saw them they are packing miniature versions of the Prism cannon.  its a strength 6 AP 2 cannon with a 12 inch range.  They can combine beams to increase the range and strength and give the beam the Lance rule.  The Exarch has powers that allow re-rolls to hit and Hit and Run.  Did I also mention these guys have jet packs, not jump packs.  The Exarch can also be armed with a Haywire Launcher.  They have a 5+ invulnerable save along with the 4+ armor and they can deep strike.  I see a lot of unit falling victim to these guys.  They are expensive though.  Granted I think I would pay 35 points for these guys over wraith guard anyday.  I really like these models and I love the rules as they stand.  I will be purchasing a couple units of these guys very very soon.  Simon Egan has really out done himself with these models.  I am really looking forward to what Imperial Armor 11 has to offer, especially since we will be getting the Phantom Titan.  Check out more pics and the rules for the Shadow Specters here

Well I am in the midst of writing a battle report vs CSVinton and I will be playing Vogrin using my "Lelith Fair" list.  Will I go 4-0 Vs Dark Future Games?  We shall see.

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Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. As far as your record Vs DFG is concerned, I just need tickets to Lilithfair to turn it into Tervfest!! And as far as that Warp Hunter is concerned, I will use my Wife's words "You've got to be crazy to think you're going to come near me with that thing"

  2. I asked a couple of questions on two of the older-but-still-newish posts on here. One was just pointing out a typo on the first post about the Lilith Fair list, but the other was a strategy question about the Razorback spam on the first Killing Space Marines post.

  3. actually its weaksauce , you are going to miss alot , cover stops it being any good vs troops and the gun is a bit shite as reliable AT , its like a big haywire gun, only less accurate ....

    Its not going to push out my usual prisms as I need the ranged str 9-10 early on for popping transports , this is significantly worse ..... the warp rift is nice and all but essentially a suicide attack.

    Again , spectres are lovely models , but t3 and 5++ is rubbish for a 35 point model , their ranged threat to tanks will ensure early death ...

    looks like IA will be another Noble imperials beating face on xeno *sigh*

  4. The jetpacks are what have me sold on the Shadow Specters. Being able to shoot and not be shot back is better than any saving throw.

  5. Well prisms would be the logical choice for games where IA is not allowed. I don't really see the weaksauce though. Its a blast and template weapon so BS 3 not quite as bad.

    I agree with the specters survivability, but they have less of a target painted on them when they deep strike and have the ability to shoot and then move into cover. I have gotten very use to 5+ saves and using cover thanks to my forays with the Dark Kin

  6. yes, even t3 with 4+ cover is still stupidly squishy , it takes a few spare heavy bolter rounds to neuter them. You have to admit they need improving for that cost , you would have thought they would have learnt with shining spears , honestly.

    its a massive gun in a HEAVY support slot that fires a single lame inaccurate blast and has a suicide attack , the d weapon rules are fairly pants when compared to a prism , which even in the single shot Penetrates light transports on a 3+ not glances and is only worse on av 14 (linked fire is far superior) . Surely if d cannons were so good everyone would use the support platform ones , oh wait ......

    ap 2 is nice but the cover system has dealt that a bit of a blow , coupled with the ease of cover it just aint going to do much , well not if your opponents are vaguely savvy .

    Would it have killed them to give it large blast and up the power a little ? it should really as its bigger than the support wep (significantly) but smaller than the super lethal cobra main weapon.

    I think people are so used to having overpriced bad/weak rules for eldar they are happy with any scraps GW/FW drop

    The Warp hunter should kick ass , not just be ok , its one of the most advanced and terrifying weapons in the game (says the fluff) it fails abysmally to deliver in this incarnation.

  7. Fair enough. I agree we Eldar players basically make due with what we are dealt due to the imperial love GW tends towards. Granted these are test rules so they may change, which I do agree with your points on changes.

    Many weapons have been neutered due to the cover rules. Given the specialized nature and small force size of an Eldar army weapons must be very effective and worth the expensive points cost to justify their place in a list.

    I see your points. Shining Spears are a black eye. So much potential lost due to small squad size and excessive cost.

    I have to say I do use support platforms quite often to great effect. It takes quite a bit of finesse though.

    I think we can both agree though that major tweaks are in order and a new codex must be more logical and reasonable with its point costs.

  8. I'll drink to that ;o)

    I especially like your point about things needing to be very effective to balance their high cost and comparative frailty , sady eldar stuff seems to lean more towards the meh side of things.

    By rights the warp hunter should be the Eldar manticore terror weapon equivalent , hell, BA currently and soon ALL space marines will have access to better skimmers to further twist the knife , what exactly about Eldar technology is superior these days ?