Thursday, July 14, 2011

Battle Report: The Webway List VS CVintons Guard Blob

The Battle Field before the carnage
As I contemplate the 10th Foundation Of Vengeance: Adaptability, I thought it would be nice to do a battle report. Last Wednesday I squared off against Dark Future Games painting and green stuff wizard CVinton. I was using the Webway list. The Webway list has been kind of on a back burner because of my want of putting fun back into my hobby. Since its my tournament list in development I have been ignoring it. I decided to break it out again, as I am in the process of tweaking it.

Vinton brought the hurt in the form of his Imperial Guard. His Creed and Al'Rahim powered out flanking blob squad list has racked up some impressive victories. Its a very non standard Imperial Guard list and I like to test lists against non standard lists. They keep the games fun and throw some real different situations at you. In essence they keep your mind and tactics sharp.

I had first turn. We had a spearhead deployment and it was a strait up annihilation mission. I deployed my raiders while he kept his whole army in reserve. I moved forward and deployed my webway portals so that each end of the table was easily within striking distance of my emerging units.

Turn one went by quick as I moved into position and deployed. Turn two my units began to arrive. In fact all but one of the Wych units made it in. The first blob squad moved onto the table and moved for cover. Despite the amount of reserve manipulation Vinton only got his scout sentinels on vendetta and a blob squad. Big Al did not come onto the table nor did Creed. There was a minimal amount of fire but he did down one of my raiders.

Turn three saw the rest of my units come in. As you can see this game went rather quickly thanks to the deployment styles. I was clearly out of position I realized. Vinton wanted to avoid my full beast master pack at all costs as his blobs would have been shredded before they could even strike back thanks to the sheer number of attacks it generates. He brought all of his army onto one table edge thanks to the re-roll he got for his out flank.
The first wave of the Guard onsluaght

Turn 3 saw my Wyches finally engage the first blob squad, sadly the second Wych squad was an inch short for the charge as I was forced to charge from cover. The second squad was gunned down thanks to Al'Rahim coming in with the second blob squad. The first rank second rank order made short work of the 15 Wychs. The first squad was mired down by the sheer number of guardsman. I lost my second raider and my beast master pack started hauling ass towards the enemy. Sadly they would never reach the lines. The distance was just to far. My Chronos also bit it thanks to concentrated las cannon and heavy bolter fire

Turn 4 saw The wych squad in combat with the first blob squad finally succumbed to sheer numbers. The Hekatrix almost held out by herself killing several guardsman before succumbing to weight of numbers. My wrack units had been stuck in combat with the scout sentinels unable to hurt them since the previous turn. The other Wrack unit was moving across the table moving towards my edge to help the other unit out. The Succubus's and her Wych unit proved to be useless as they had come out on the opposite side of the table and proved to be unmotivated as my difficult terrain and run rolls were no more than 2 or 3 inches. I also started loosing Wracks as the Sentinels finally started to hurt them. I even lost the Haemonculus once the second blob squad joined the fray.
The Wychs had their hands full

Turn 5 saw nothing but the death to wracks and me trying to move my units closer. I might have been able to pull something off if I had not taken 25% casualties in my beast master pack thanks to massed lass gun fire and then fail my leadership test.

The 2nd wych unit before the shooting phase
We rolled for turn 6 but I knew I was done. So I conceded and was sad to learn I had no kill points. The Webway list after 7 games finally had a loss and it was a resounding one. It was a very good learning experience though about position and deployment. The Chronos was given a second chance as in the previous game I had replaced it with a Talos and was not impressed. The Chronos is now out of the list. As is the Succubus. Neither has proved to be worth the points and generally have not been able to carry their own weight. I have decided to go with only one shard net in each wych squad and two razor flails. The re-rolls proved to be valuable.

The wych squad after.......crap
I am adding in the mistress of death and master of the Wych Cult of Strife to the list. Lelith is an engine of destruction and the amount of powered attacks she adds to the unit are very nice. I am also shrinking the wrack units and adding in some aerial firepower in the form of a Razorwing fighter. We will see how this works. I am also tempted to remove the raiders and shrink the Wrack units to almost minimal levels so I can accommodate them with the Haemonculus on Venoms.

We will see. Next time I present the 10th Foundation Of Vengeance: Adaptability. I learned a lot about this from this very game. Also I may have an update on the Ork horde as I have added a Burna Boy unit to the mix. If I can get some more boyz and a Battle Wagon I may be up to 1000 points.

Until then...............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls...........................WAAAAAAAAAAAGH


  1. Good report. It was a fun game and I know you learned some things from it for sure. I think the blob outflank list is doing so well right now just because no one suspects (the spanish inquisition!) it and they haven't figured it out yet. Kinda like a new codex, it gets all the it's-broken hate.

    I think the cronos can go, as awesome as throwing pain tokens in the air like they're your hands and you just don't care is, he's not the wrecking machine that talos is. Both of them however and really susceptible because of no invul. Bad design.

    Getting your homoncs in venoms is a great idea. ++ there. Adding the razor wing is cool too, I support one of those at least.

    I'll give you a rematch with your tweeks and we can see how it goes. We'll bring the flip next time to do a right proper battle report.

  2. See I thought the changes sounded like a decent Idea. I think the Smaller Wrack units will be ignored so they can just hide and hold objectives while the wych cult makes short work of everything else.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for he battle report, it sounded like a blast to play.

    It's always a pain when your reserves rolls are so good that the majority of your army turns up when most of the enemy army is still off the board :)

    That last pic is just crying out for a razorwing coming on from reserve. I'm painting mine up now, because I've found a weakness in my lists against hordes. I'd be intereste to read how your tweaks work out.


  4. Yeah I have since changed the list and a Razorwing is now included as I can keep it in reserve and it can deal with the infantry rather well and still bust armor.

    Lelith is also back in the list as she is just to good to pass up. As soon as I can make it up to the FLGS I plan on getting a rematch.