Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I See A Bad Moon Risin!

Well with my semi renewed vigor with the webway list I decided to plan out my orky side project. I am going to be slowly building and painting this army alongside the webway list. After much deliberation I have decided I need something that is different color scheme wise than the dark dreary colors of the Wych Cult Of Strife. SO I have decided to paint the orks in the brightest yellow possible, with some red of course.

Da red uns go fasta!

So I have decided to go with a mech list based around the Bad Moon clan. I plan on running everything in Truks and Battle wagons. In true Bad Moon style I am also going to run a mega armored Warboss and mega nobz. My 1850 list consists of

1x Mega armored war boss, Attak Squig, Cybork Body, Boss Poll
1x Big Mek,Custom Force field, Eavy Armor, Attack Squig, 2x Grot Oilers, Cybork Body

3x mob of 12 boyz, Nob with power claw and boss pole in truks with red paint jobs
1x mob of 6 meganobz with 2x skorcha shoota, 1x rokkit shoota in a battle wagon with red paint job and deff rolla

2x Mobs of 15 Burna boyz

Heavy Support
1x Battle Wagon with red paint job, deff rolla, grot rigga, zzap gun, grabbin klaw, 2x big shootas
1x Battle Wagon with red paint job, deff rolla, grot rigga, 2x big shootas

This comes to 1846 points. This is meant to be a fun theme list. It does lack lootas and Flash Gitz, which would also be a good addition to a Bad Moons list, but I wanted to have a very mobile mech list. I also wanted lots of burna boys and mega armored nobs. Even though it may lack in areas I am looking forward to building it and playing it. I think it covers the areas to tackle multi tiered missions adequatly. It is 14 kill points so it is only slightly out of my comfort zone for the number of kill points I can give up.

I plan on painting theses guys rather traditionally, but in the most obnoxious brightest shade or yellow I can find. This also means priming in white and doing some layering to get the yellow right. It should be fun and break up the monotony of painting Dark Eldar.

So there is my list. I am hoping to get a game in this week, but the work schedule may not allow it. I may to try and get the Dark Future Boys down to Ypsilanti to get a game or two in.

Until then....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls............WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like a very fun and fluffy list. Two big green thumbs up!

  2. Thanks BigMek. I am pretty anxious to get started. I have been in a financial funk so its been hard getting new models. Maybe this is a sign I need to get the stuff I do have painted!