Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're In It For A @!$#ton Of Money: The Reboot Of The Rogue Trader Campaign

Since I have not been able to play 40K as much as I have wanted as of late, I have been doing some other stuff. I have restarted the Rogue Trader campaign. Since I moved from Lansing to Ypsilanti the game has been on hiatus. We left off with with the group Salvaging a battleship and eliminating an enemy who has come back from the dead at least once. They have discovered treasures unknown and seen the death of a craftworld. They discovered a lost primarch and have conquered worlds.

I like my RPG campaigns to be kind of epic in scope. Rouge Trader is really all about how baller you are both in wealth and influence. So in this reboot we have the group moving coreward searching for the remaining talismans of Vaul. They have discovered one along with its bearer, a Eldar Astartes Hybrid named Pandora. I know what you are saying. An Eldar who is half Astartes? Not only is she an Astartes she is also the daughter of a lost Primarch, Chronos father of the Grey Wardens. A Primarch who turned his back on the crusade and the heresy because he is a pacifist. He and his legion were living in harmony with a rouge group or Eldar who worshiped Vaul exclusively. They also abhorred war and violence except in their own defense. The Cathedral Terra, my groups first ship, and its sister ship the Forge of Vaul, now known as the Spear of Omnissiah since Magos Gabriel claimed it as his ship, were both products of the shipyard in orbit of Vaulisma, the planet and Craftworld inhabited by the legion and the Vaulite Eldar.

The group inadvertently brought the demise of Vaulisma with them in the form of A Farseer from Ulthwe seeking the Talismans of Vaul. The sword Anaris was on this world and its webway gates had been sealed. The Farseer opened them and allowed a Multi Craftworld force to raid the craftworld to try and take it. This lead to all out war as an entire Astartes legion began to defend their home from a huge Eldar invasion force spearheaded by Ulthwe and Eldrad Ulthran.

The group escaped as a third force entered the system. A force they had not seen before. They escaped with many refugees both human and Eldar. They had a few more adventures which included salvaging the Light of Terra, an emperor class battleship. They also discovered that they were the target of a C'tan called The Outsider. He was seeking the Talismans of Vaul as they were one of the only weapons that could end his existence.

The group ended up on the world of Pavonis to regroup and lick their wounds. The began the long task of repairing and refitting their ships and their newly acquired battleship. This is when they learned that there are more Talismans of Vaul. They decided to seek fame and fortune finding them. This is also when an Inquisitor, on Emma Stone, caught up to them and revealed herself as an agent of the C'Tan. She was promptly spaced and shot with a lance form the prow of the ship.

I know I have missed a bunch, but needless to say we had our first session of the reboot and it went well. My players requested I start writing about the sessions again on the blog so here we are. Our cast of Characters for the reboot are;

Admiral Quintus Fabius Tarsus the 27th, Rogue Trader, fan of Zap Branagan, played by best friend Chris aka “The Stormlord”
Magos Gabriel, Explorator, played by my buddy Steve aka “Mr.O”
Joker, Arch Militant, played by my buddy John. Sadly no handle yet as I have to get him on the blog possibly as a writer.
Dante, a daemon hunter from dark heresy, played by my buddy Joe
Micah Troko, Senechal and black market specialist and Face man, played by my buddy Eric aka “Rabbit”
Telarion, Astropath and hunter of rogue psykers, played by my buddy Larry aka “Farseer Re-Rolls”

I will have another player once she get her character made. A missionary will be joining the group which should prove to be a good foil to the group as they are kinda tongue in cheek with their worship of the God Emperor.

After being held up on the edge of Segmentum Solar the group is divided, mostly because the Stormlord and Farseer Re-Rolls could not make it, and fleet command would only allow one ship to proceed to Alpha Centauri a mere 50 light years from Holy Terra. The group had gained intel that a very powerful noble who is next in line, or at least a major favorite, to be the next High Lord of Terra may be in possession of the Talisman of Vaul the seek. He also may be in possession of Jokers long lost love he believed to be dead. They have an in as there is another minor lord who has his hands in everything and he knows the whos who. They set up a meeting after doing some research. They find out that they can supply him with higher quality materials for his weapons manufacturing concerns, from one of the worlds they “Liberated” in the name of the Emperor.

They pick up Dante as a hired merc. He is hunting the rouge Inquisitor Emma Stone and knows she seeks this group. They set up a meeting with Lord Johansen, the lord that has is hands in everything, and also attempt contact at an exclusive club they gain access to after Micah wows a senior administrator doing an inspection of the Spear of Omnissiah. The Magos discovers in his research and digging Lord Johansens less then legal business concerns and that they are tied to a possible chaos cult.

After making a good impression at the club Dante spots people leaving Lord Johansens booth he did not see enter and pursues them. This leads the group into conflict with cult members of the Cult of the Ascended Mind. Dante makes quick work of them as he pursues their leader. The group finishes them off even taking on prisoner, a big step for these guys as they are a shot first, shoot second, why are we shooting again? Kind of group.

The leader is cornered and sacrifices himself to summon a Daemonette. Dante’s Daemon hunting skills come out as he makes short work of the loan Daemon before the rest of the group catches up.

So we end with a prisoner to interrogate and a meeting the next day to gain favor with Lord Johansen. We also end with a cut scene. Emma Stone being dressed down by her C'tan lord and being sent to find the group along with a babysitter in the form of a Platinum Necron Lord.

SO our 2nd session is this Sunday. We will have the introduction of our Missionary and some epicness as we explore the Tarsus dynasties past. It would appear they are more tied to current events that the group thinks.

Next time More webway action and I present my Ork list for fun and waaaaghing.

Until then.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes,War Calls.......................Waaaaaaaaaagghhh!!!!

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