Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Road To Adepticon: Team Deathstars Display Board Issue

Its been a slow blog month as you can see. Despite having 3 other authors on the site, life in general seems to be sapping all of the life out of our leisure activities. I am in the process of moving so all of the modeling equipment and projects are packed. Some of them are already in their new home in Lansing waiting to be unpacked and worked on. I have a feeling the hobby bug is going to bite again. Bite as in tear off my head like a horrible radioactive monster from the deep. I will be living with The Judge and Samsquatch Monster. This means having a large hobby area in the man cave, the basement, and an actual table dedicated to 40K play.

This has me thinking about terrain. Besides the mountain of models that need to be finished and painted, terrain making is going to also be in my future. It is a good distraction from model painting and helps break up the hobby tedium. This has also got me thinking about our team display board for Adepticon.

Given out team theme is “Death Stars” team Death Star needs a good display board. We have four very different armies to showcase. My Eldar Bike army. We have an ork bike force. A contingent of Black Templars and our 4th member is deciding between imperial guard and space marines. Granted there will obviously be some Star Wars references, but we have not discussed what we are doing for a display board yet. Our theme is pretty flimsy, but we are in it for fun so points for a unified force are not really a big deal.

So I ask what do we do. I am open to suggestions. As is I have a vision of a board segmented into 4 quarters with a model of a Death Star hovering in the middle. I would also like to ask what my readers want to read about. I have had writers block as of late with all the moving and such. I hope this clears up once I am immersed in 40K once again. Well back to the packing.

Until next time...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. A langind bay of a starship would be nice and somewhat fitting to the jetbikes I think.

  2. Go back and rewatch the starwars and look at what the surface of the deathstar looks like. Its really boxy from what I remember with not a lot of details that would be difficult or time consuming to do. I think it'd be awesome. That or a giant empire symbol (star wars empire)

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  4. Hmmmm Neil mentioned doing shirts with the Empire symbol. It would be simple, but could be embellished pretty decently.

  5. Hey, you know me and terrain. Can't wait till your back in the area.