Monday, January 23, 2012

The 6th Editon "Leak": Seek's Take On The Rules

Well thanks to one of the denizens of the Craftworld, thanks dude, I have been able to start reading over the supposed leaked rules of 6th Edition. I have been slowly reading the rulebook in all its rough drafty goodness for the past week. I have been holding off making comments and throwing in my 2 cents about them, mainly because I wanted to get a decent grasp of the fundamental changes in how things work.
Overall I like the new edition. This is the Warhammer 40K I want to play. It has elements from just about all the previous editions. I have played since the tail end of Rogue Trader with a slight break, skipping 4th but still familiar with it, and I see elements from 2nd edition on. I like the changes and additions.

The real big difference is the turn order. Movement, Assault, Shooting and Consolidation. This is a major departure from the traditional turn for pretty much any edition of 40K. It bears resemblance to Warhammer Fantasy. Charging before shooting. It would also appear, if I read the rules correctly, the ban on assaulting after a deep strike is gone. These things combined really changes the dynamic of the game.

The example I used to describe it while talking with OST, The Judge and Samsquatch Monster referred back to my Dark Eldar Webway list. Flee models add 2 inches onto their moment. This gives them a run or charge move of 16 inches. Granted this is shy of the possibly 18 inches possible in 5th edition, but it gives you a static distance. A unit of Wyches coming out of a webway portal can just charge strait into combat in a radius of 16 inches around the portal. I am sure there will be revisions in the final version and I may be interpreting the rules wrong, but that’s what happens when a new edition comes out.

I really like how shooting has changed. The addition of the Evasion value makes fast moving armies hard to hit and despite vehicles being tough to kill makes your shots count on stationary targets more. Shooting can be very devastating as well, so shooting armies like the Tau are back in the game. You don’t need a insanely good ballistic skill anymore to hit things effectively. The balance is back, at least at first glance. The game is much more tactical. The reintroduction of reactions is nice. Overwatch, my favorite rule from 2nd edition, is back. Elements like this add depth and give armies a chance to go down with a fight rather than getting wiped from the table after one assault phase.

I will be talking more about this rule set in the coming weeks as I read through them. I personally think they are pretty legit. OST and I have been discussing how legit they are and gleaning information from multiple sources points to this st being very legit.

I am also looking forward to the update coming in February for the Tyranids. Phil Kelley has eluded to a new unit and kit for the Nids. Finally a tervigon that also shares a kit with a new unit the Nids have needed. A transport. More on that later

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Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Er sorry, I have read them and I don't see how EV does particularly much of anything, fast stuff gets hit about as much as it used to but without the benefit of cover saves ?

    It will be nigh impossible to keep my DE reavers alive with this rules set.

    Hopefully there is more development to be done as in principal there is potentil for a much better game than 5th ever was

  2. Are we sure that this isn't just glorified homebrew? It looks pretty sketchy.

  3. I think the real selling point on EV to me is hitting stationary targets and slow moving targets. Imperial guard players and people that just park their big guns are not going to have the same safety anymore. I play foot lists with my dark eldar and eldar now so I really could care less honestly about my own vehicles going down in droves.

    I think this is legit or close to legit. I had access and play tested codexs and such when I worked for GW and this looks pretty real. There are also some very good cues that myself and OST have drawn from a few different separate sources that point to this being real.

  4. Tyranid transport would probably be a gaunt-toating ground version of Harradin.