Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just The FAQ's Ma'am: FAQ Updates Across The Board

Well it looks like GW has gone on a FAQ bender. Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids among other have all received some FAQ updates. No real big changes for the Eldar. There seems to be an across the board change to psychic powers that although were a shooting attack did not require a roll to hit. This has changed. Many of the powers now require a roll to hit.....except Mind War.
There is some wording changes on Runes of Warding and Runes of Witnessing. This makes sense as they threw Tyranids a bone and changed Shadows of the warp. Librarians and psyker battle squads beware. No more hiding in vehicles. Shadows of the Warp now works like Runes of Warding. The only other slight tweaks are pretty common sense.

Dark Eldar Got hardly anything as most of the new additions are also common sense. They do specify that Flicker fields only can work against glancing and penetrating hits. I don't know who was using them against dangerous terrain, but they threw that out the door. This does give you wording though if your opponent calls shenanigans against hits in close combat, which I have run into a few times. The wording specifies only glancing and penetrating hits so it will defend against close combat as well as shooting.

Orks got no real update. They clarified some wording on profit of the waaagh! and firmly stated Boss Snikrot cannot bring vehicles onto the board using his special rule. Tyranids got the real help. Besides Shadows of the warp Impaler cannons got very nice as only the terrain a unit is in or touching count for cover. Basically this means Smoke launchers and Conceal, and like abilities or powers will not protect you. A hive Tyrant also no only counts as one kill point when with tyrant guard. Thats pretty big as now the tyrant guard are worth taking. You can really tie up a unit when those guys are equipped with lash whips.
So some good changes. Hopefully this breaths a but of life into the nids. They need it.

I have been having some talks over the 6th edition rumors and apparent leaks with OST lately. I have yet to find a copy of the leaked rules. Apparently I did not move fast enough or I am just not looking in the right spot. If anybody want to point me in the right direction I want to give them a read. I have read about a few test games and so far people are liking it. SO help old SeerK out and email the blog or send me a link.

Until next time.............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Chaos got the shaft....Lash requires a Hit roll, but jaws does not? Warp Time is SERIOUSLY nerfed. @ least we can safely hide behind our dreads and not get shot now.....

  2. Not sure how to send PM's via this site so here is a link to something I found on the internet one day when looking for alternate 40k rules. http://www.mediafire.com/?cajzcejcw38124h

  3. Yeah OST mentioned lash requires a to hit roll now. it seems they cant better something without taking something away from other codexs

  4. I disagree about the impaler cannon stopping conceal saves. Doesn't the conceal rule say that the unit always counts as being in cover, even if in the open?

    Other than that, I am happy that the tyranids finally got some help, especially with the shadows in the warp.