Friday, May 25, 2012

Strength 6 Is The New Black

So I have been playing with an Army list as of late, that just started out as me throwing together a list to play Samsquatch Monster and his Soul Drinkers, Blood Angels but painted like the Soul Drinkers.  It was just a friendly laid back game at the FLGS one night.  It was a very close and very enjoyable game.  I ended up winning and the performance of the list versus a pretty decent Blood Angels list got me thinking about how it would do against other armies.

This led to a second game with the list in the 40K man cave that is the basement of the house I share with Samsquatch Monster and The Judge.  This second game was against Craftworld Lansing's own resident Phaeron, The Stormlord.  He is still feeling out the Necron codex despite it being out for a while.  A crazy school schedule and two kids will do that though.  This game again was very close but thanks to the Hardiness of the actual Stormlord and 2 Monoliths he managed to hold an objective with a pair of immortals while contesting mine with his namesake.  The list still brought the hurt though and against my current most hated foe, the Necrons.

I am hoping to test the list against CVinton this weekend.  The real strength behind the list is the amount of shooting in it.  This combined with the fact that a bulk of it is strength 6.  With the exception of the Dire Avengers and the Pathfnders the Rest of the list has strength 6 weapons with a very good range.  Here is the first incarnation of the list.

HQ:  Eldrad Ulthran

HQ: The Avatar Of Khaine

Troops:  2x Squads of Dire Avengers

Troops: 1x Squad of Pathfinders

Heavy:  3x Squadrons of 3 War Walkers 

Fast:  1x Squadron of 3 Vypers

Fast:  1x Squad of 5 Shining Spears

Two of the War Walker Squadrons are armed with dual Scatter Lasers while the third is Armed with Bright Lances and Scatter Lasers.  The Vypers are armed with Scatter Lasers with chin mounted Shuriken Cannons.  As you may remember the Laser Lances the Shining Spears carry are a strength 6 weapon.  Granted very close range, but very effective.  The Pathfnders Provide good covering fire and objective holding capability, while the Dire Avengers advance with the Avatar to contest and seize your opponents objectives and give you some mid range to close range fire.  I put Eldrad with one of the Dire Avenger Squads.  His primary purpose is to bolster the unit while hitting the War Walker Squadrons with Guide.

It works pretty decently.  I have been toying with a couple changes though after some post game discussions and analyzing.  I have removed Eldrad in favor of a Farseer on a bike.  He will ride with the Shining Spears to lend some power to that unit.  This also gives me an opportunity to cover some more ground and be able to hit War Walkers or even the Vyper Squadron with guide.  It also gives the Shining spear unit the Ability to crack open some vehicles to slay its occupants in close combat thanks to the Farseer's Singing Spear.  We will see how it works.  I plan on using the Original versus CVinton just to get in 3 games with it before I make any changes. We will see how it works.  I will post a report next week.

So that's the list.  Pretty simple actually and yes it is similar to some other lists I have seen before.  sometimes you have to go back and look at stuff again.  Like I said before I am getting back to basics.

On that note I would also like to say I have decided to play a non Xenos army.  Not the first time for me, I was a pretty rabid Sisters Of Battle player when I worked for GW.  This is however my first actual Marine army.......kind of

More on that once I get some of my new models together.

Until then............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!

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