Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6th Edition Is Nigh

Games Workshop for one reason or another likes to keep a tight lip about any of their upcoming products until a month before they are released so they can fatten their coffers with pre-orders.  Granted from a manufacturing and production standpoint this allows the company to plan production runs and plan all the logistics without the sometimes troublesome sales prediction models.

That being said the hobbyist is left without anything to really wet their whistle, so to speak on upcoming models and codexs.  Well left with nothing except lots of speculation and supposed inside information.  I worked for GW before they really cracked down and they have always done controlled leaks of pictures and information about upcoming products.  This stopped once it got carried away and a couple of coworkers were fired for just confirming stuff on message boards back in the day.

The only real good predictor of something new is when the products suddenly disappear from the website and your local FLGS is told they cant get any more.  This has happened this very week.  The buzz around is that 6h Edition is nigh because the 5th edition rulebook is no longer available on the GW site or at the GW stores.  Local independent stores cannot order anymore.

This means we are seeing 6th edition in either June or July.  Since they are toting their new flyers with new models and rules for said models in the June issue of White Dwarf I think we can expect 6th to drop in July.  That said I am going to really concentrate on the painting and modeling aspect of our hobby.  I just picked up some Eldar models to round out the army and I plan on getting them completed over the next couple months.  I am not going to really buy any more Eldar though until I see the new rules and or a new Codex.

I did pick up a couple squads though of a new army.  A very different army for me and quite a divergence if not a 180 form what I usually do.  I have just completed the assembly of a Grey Knight Strike squad and a Grey Knight Terminator squad.  Just have to pick up a Grand Master and I have a legal army.  Why Grey Knights?  Well its not much of a stretch in my mind.  They are a small elite force with huge psychic potential.  Sounds a bit familiar to me.  This is going to be a for fun army for me that I can win some games with.  I love my Eldar don't get me wrong, but you have to be utterly flawless to play competitively or even have a decent winning percentage anymore with them. Its time to clean my slate and start over.  Seems like a ideal time to do it as we have a new edition coming.  I will continue to play and write about Eldar, but look for some Grey Knight stuff too.  I am tying the army to the Eldar though.  Justicar Thrawn will be in it as he did become the stuff of legend after cleansing the Great Enemy from Malan'tai after the loathsome Tyranids tore it asunder.  I would like to think of my Grey Knight Brotherhood as the Guardians Of the now dead Malan'tai.  Protecting it until the Spirit Stones of the fallen can be recovered and set free in the infinity circuit of another Craftworld.

Until next time.

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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