Friday, June 8, 2012

6th Edition Sooner Than Anticipated

Sooooo it looks as if the mega secrecy of 6th edition is reaching max levels. A video teaser has landed on the GW website. It indicates something happening on the 23rd of june.
Although I predicted a july date for release with pre orders end of june, could we see a new edition coming in under the radar sooner.  I doubt it but weirder things have happened. I am sticking with my predictions though.  The video pretty much says that its a 6th edition preorder starting on the 23rd.

It is very sad GW feels the need to cloak everything to the point that you have no clue what's in the pipe. I can see it from a marketing perspective that they want to keep selling product and an edition change could hamper that. Regardless they need to rethink things.
Well I hope to have some hobby articles up. I have several projects going right now, including my new Grey Knights army. Its based on Justicar Anval Thrawns fluff. I have a expeditionary force charged with the defense of Malan'tai.
Only 3 models left to aquire and build.  With the new edition coming out next month i think I am completing the army and just doing a lot of modeling and painting.

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  1. The problem I have with the cloack of secrecy is that they won't even be honest with you about a sixth edition coming when 5th books are off the shelf at a god damn GW store. It's not good marketing at that point, it is retarded.

  2. This is true. Its almost as if they liken admission of a new product with said product being leaked either in print form or pictures.

    it doesn't make sense