Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Daemons

Well this past week I took the Grey Knights out for a little spin. I had promised local Daemon player Papa Nurgle a game. I thought it would be fitting and a good way to feel out the army taking it up against its arch nemesis. For this inaugural game I took the following.

HQ: Grey Knight Grand Master
HQ: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
Troops: 2x 5 man Strike squads with Razor backs. One hvy bolter, one las plas
Troops: 1x 5 man Terminator squad
Troops: 1x 6 Man Terminator squad w/ Justicar Thaun
Elites: 1x 9 man Purifier squad
Elites: 1x Vindicare Assassin.

Papa Nurgle Brought an all Nurgle Daemon army. Two Great Unclean ones with a Daemon prince of Nurgle. Two Soul Grinders, a large unit of Beasts of Nurgle and 3 Units of Plague Bearers. This is usually a very tough force. I was packing psybolt ammo in all the squads that could take take them. The strike squads had Psycannons while the Purifiers and Terminators had Incinerators. There was a mix of Force Halberds and swords among the units while the Purifiers all had Force halberds with the Knight of the flame bearing a warding stave.

The game was for objectives, 5 in all, with Spearhead deployment. I deployed One strike squad in the ruins dominating the corner I had chosen. An objective was placed there so I capitalized on it. The other strike squad deployed in their Razorback along side the empty las plas Razorback. The Purifiers sat in their Rhino along with the Inquisitor. The Justicar was with the 5 man Terminator squad behind the Vehicles. The Vindicare took up position on a ruined bridge connected to the ruins occupied by the Strike Squad Holding the objective. The second Terminator Squad led by Justicar Thaun was held in reserve.

Turn 1

As with most turn 1's vs Daemons I drove forward unmolested and took two very close objectives with the Razorback embarked Strike Squad and The Purifiers, thanks to the Grand Master Ability. The Grand Master and his Terminators spread out to cover the rears of the vehicles. It was at this point I made my first mistake. I did not have the Strike squads use Warp Quake.

Turn 2

Turn Two Saw the Arrival of Papa Nurgles Preferred Group. A soul Grinder, the two Great Unclean Ones, the Daemon Prince and a Group of Plague Bearers landed. One Great Unclean on Landed next to the Purifiers, while the second landed Near the Strike Squad in the Heavy Bolter Razorback. The Soul Grinder landed on the right flank of the army while the Plague Bearers landed in the opposite corner to claim an objective. The Daemon prince unleashed foul warp energies on the strike squad killing 2 members, while the Great Unclean ones immobilized The Heavy Bolter Razor back. The other Great Unclean One managed to stun the Rhino.
Justicar Thaun and the second
The Knights did not falter. I also remembered Warp quake this time. The Strike squad in the Immobilized Razorback deployed and took position on the objective on the hill. The Grand Master and his terminators turned to support the Strike squad now embattled with the Daemon prince. The Purifiers Deployed while their rhino moved away after a successful psychic test. A torrent of bolter fire managed to wound both Great Unclean ones and the Daemon prince. The las plas Razorback tried to take out the Soul Grinder, but the Daemonic Engine managed to shake off the Las Cannons attack. The strike Squads Charged into the fray while the Purifiers charged into the Great Unclean One. The Strike squad battling the Daemon Prince was wiped out while the Second squad managed to wound the Great Unclean One twice. They lost combat and fell back. The Purifiers laid to waste to the Great Unclean One before them. Loosing only 2 of their number.

Turn 3

The Daemons continued their assault. The second Soul Grinder and the Remaining Plague Bearers hit the table, although due to scatter they not near their intended landing points. The Beasts however did land in the center of the Grey Knight force next to the Purifiers. The Grand Master broke off to support the Purifiers while His terminators moved to destroy the Daemon Prince. Justicar Thauns unit landed near the second Great Unclean one. A torrent of Bolter fire Finished off the second Great Unclean one while the first Soul Grinder was destroyed by a Las Cannon blast. Concentrated fire from the Vindicare and the Purifiers cut down almost half of the Beasts of Nurgle. The Terminators had moved to hit the Daemon Prince and managed to wound him with bolter fire. Both Strike Squads were gone. A squad of Plague bearers had moved to get close to the Purifiers. They were not close enough to help the mob of Beasts though. The Purifiers Supported by the Grand Master wiped out the Beasts in close combat, while the Grand Masters Terminators killed the foul Daemon Prince.

Turn 4

The Plague Bearers advanced. The Remaining Soul Grinder poured fire into Justicar Thauns Unit and managed to kill the remaining Terminators. Some had been hit in the previous turn and my dice were starting to revolt against me. I was holding 3 objectives and the closest Plague Bearer unit was just inside assault range despite taking casualties from bolter fire courtesy of the Purifiers. The Vindicare also manged to destroy the remaining Soul Grinder with a precision shot to the Daemons putrefied body. The Grand master, Inquisitor and the Purifiers Charged into the fray and wiped out the Plague Bearer Unit. It was at this point that Papa Nurgle Conceded. I held 3 objectives and all that remained of the Daemonic incursion was two units of Plague bearers hunkered down on the other 2 objectives and at least 2 good turns of bolter fire to get the Grey Knights off the other 3.

Victory Grey Knights.

Well the Guardians of Malan'Tai fared well. I made a ton of mistakes. The two biggest being not using warp quake and the other not remembering Grey Knights have preferred enemy against Daemons until turn 3. Chaos has been defeated. I got in half a game vs a Cult marine army and was doing well. It was not until the forces of Chaos had been beat back that the Grey Knights faced a foe they could not defeat.

Those damn Necrons......

Until next time.....................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!

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