Sunday, August 19, 2012

Changing Gears With The Craftworlders

6th Edition has been rough for me so far. The Dark Eldar are getting some wins, much needed wins as I am feeling pretty down trodden in the 40K arena. I am trying to salvage what I can when it comes to the Eldar. I am up to my eyes in Necrons, Imperial Guard and Space Marines. I find it funny that 6th edition was toted in many circles as being the Xenos edition. It is in part as the Necrons have probably the most powerful and adaptive codex currently followed by those tank junkies the Imperial Guard. The Tau are seeing improvement as the game has really turned into a shooting game. The speed of many armies has also increased, which has taken away some advantage the Eldar and especially the Dark Eldar have enjoyed. The tone is being set with 6th early with the starter set being composed of Dark Angels and The forces of Chaos. I don't say Chaos Marines because it would appear cultists make up a part of the army and with the allies rules in place you can run a proper Chaos army. True Daemons, Traitor Legions and frothing Cultists all in one force. Truly a sight to behold and one that has not been seen on the table in literally decades. I hear the call of the Great Enemy once again. Fulgrims sons will be gracing my hobby table very soon me thinks. Its been a while since I had the forces of Chaos in my hands. Its been 3 years since I sold off the last of my Legion. A legion I have had since 1996.

I digress though. The Eldar are fighting even harder to survive. I have been experimenting like crazy with different lists and unit combinations. So much so I think I have lost focus. I have been looking for a new combination or new tactic to give the Craftworlders an edge. The way units function has changed and as I am relearning them I am starting to realize it may be time to brush off some old tactics.

That said I have been running Footdar with a vengeance. I am going back to my themed Ulthwe lists and as fate would have it they are functioning better than my wonky and gimmicky new lists. Guardians supported by Aspect Warriors. Farseers and The Avatar of Khaine leading the forces of Ulthwe into battle. I have left the Warlocks on the bench. The points they suck up are better spent on keeping the list balanced. Building a list to take on the book missions is essential. If you ask any successful tournament player they will tell you building a list around the missions is how you win. This is the true take all comers list. Building a list to dominate the missions you are playing. Keeping the list balanced to maximize your ability to take objectives and deprive your opponent of the objectives, be it an actual objective or strait victory points, should be your only goal.

It seems like common sense. The concept is so basic that most people just roll their eyes and utter “dur I know!” The real issue is that most people don't get it. Look at the codexes that currently are really at the top of the game right now. Necrons and Imperial Guard. I will argue Grey Knights being in the top three despite what the internet is clinging to. Both of these codexes are built to be flexible. Although the Necron codex is obviously purpose built for 6th edition, it was still powerful in 5th. You have stout Troop choices with a variety of very effective, albeit kinda short ranged, fire power and real resiliency. You have support units that enhance the troops. Ghost Arks replenish Warrior squads. Lords on command barges sweep through the enemies ranks causing massive damage as its soulless legions march forward. Doom Scythes fly into he fray delivering Colombian like death squads into the enemies midst. You can bring the fight to your opponent while still being able to hold objectives.

The same is true for the Imperial Guard. You have hordes of scoring infantry squads with the fire power to fend off just about any opponent. There is overwhelming force and ability to play to the missions. Flexibility.

This is what I am doing with the Eldar. A minimum of 4 troop choices in every list is where I am starting. The Eldar have a decent amount of variety when it comes to Troop choices. I am going heavy on Guardians with Dire Avenger and Pathfinder support. Loading up on troops gets you objectives and it also meets the minimum requirements of using 2 force organization charts at 2000 points and above. If you have this built into your default list you can build on a firm base. Balance. Balance is the key to the game now.

I am going to role out the 1850 and 2000 point versions of my list this week sometime. There is a 2000 point tournament at Evolution games on September 1st. There is also a tournament at AFK games on the same day that is 1850 points. Decisions decisions. Regardless I am going to try and get back in the groove and rack up some wins with the Craftworlders. More on that as it happens.

Until next time..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. If Forge World "40K approved" models are allowed, then Phoenix bombers are killing machines. Strafing run, vector dancer, and shrouded along with nightfire missiles make them top performers. Nightwings are great aircraft hunters as well.

  2. Yeah I do like the Phoenix Bomber. I have used it when running a pirate list. It went down quick though to concentrated fire. Granted this was in 5th edition. 6th edition though does up the anty. I have a NIghtwing in my 2000 point list as long as forgeworld 40k approved stuff is allowed. I may try and get a phoenix in though.

  3. Seer, just as a note, rumor has it that the nightwing got another update/USR in the Aeronautica book from forgeworld beyond the pdf update. I haven't seen the book so I'm not sure what it is (my guess is the interceptor rule) but you might want to try and clear that up prior to using it much.

    also note that the phoeinx bomber is no longer able to fire all its guns (2 cannons, 2 sets of missiles and underslung gun) as flyers can now only fire 4 guns.

  4. I have been trying to find somebody with the aeronautica book. I figured there would be changes or updates. Despite not being able to lay down all its weapons in big devastating salvo I still like it for its ability to really be multi role. it can lay down anti infantry like a boss and still kill vehicles.

    I will have to hunt for the aeronautica book. I am kind of weary of buying it with an Eldar Flyer thats non forgeworld in the pipe.

  5. A bunch of us on the 40kfightclub are looking to put together a FW order. If you are interested in getting in on it let me know (or better yet join the lansing chapter of the fightclub)