Saturday, August 11, 2012

This Old House, I Mean Old: Eldar and Fortifications.

So as I get in more games I am exploring all the options at my disposal. A good Seer or Autarch looks at all possibilities before accepting or dismissing them. As I have found allies in my Craftworld armies dubious I have been looking at fortifications.

The rulebook gives us a few options. The Skysheild Landing pad, The Fortress of Redemption and The Aegis Defense Line.  Its a shame really the GW has never really produced xenos themed terrain. I am hoping this changes with the new rules. I am not holding my breath though. Currently with the exception of the Necrons, Xenos players are still getting the shaft. I will expand on that later this week, as I am here. To talk fortifications.

Ok so as I see it the only real cost effective fortification the Eldar can take is the Aegis Defense Line. Clocking in at 100 points with a quad gun its pretty cheap and gives units a nice cover save. Essentially you build a 1750 Eldar list and add in the Defense line.  You want to build your list maximized at 100 points less than your target total. So you build an optimized 1750 list if you are playing an 1850 point game. This is really why Skysheild pads and especially A fortress of Redemption is not a great addition to an Eldar list. They eat up to many points in an army that already has a points premium. The Skysheilds invulnerably save is nice, but its big and placement can be an issue.

The Aegis line can be put in and around terrain bolstering natural defenses. The Aegis can also be put around objectives, which basically allows you to ensure that and Rangers or Pathfinders you have can benefit from cover and hold an objective. Taking the Quad gun is so far the Eldars only real air defense save for Dark Kin allies.

Now this next bit may be FAQed in the near future, but as I read the rules the quad gun can benefit from a Fire Dragon or Dark Reaper Exarch manning it. Not only do you get the BS of 5, but you also get to use the Exarch powers. So your quad gun could deny cover and have tank hunter special rules applied to it. Or in the case of a Dar Reaper Exarch an extra shot. This also let's you benefit from precision shots when firing at units. I know it seems beardy, but hey The Eldar need everything they can get right now.

 I have not dismissed all the other fortifications, but I can't see myself using anything but a defense line with the Craftworlders. Now in larger games, those exceeding 2000 points, A fotress of redemption may be a nice anchor point for an army.  It has a lot of firepower and gives a couple units a very nice firebase to take out ranged targets.  I  don't see fortifications making it into any of  the Dark Eldar lists I am running,  as they seem very out of theme for the army. Also they are a major drag for points and army momentum. The Dark Kin are a raiding force and should be played as such.

 Well there's my two cents. I am sure most of the readership has been seeing the rumors coming out about GWs apparent release schdule. There are lots of new Eldar kits slated for the next year, including a new Codex. I see major changes on the horizon. Exodites, new Phoenix Lords, flyers oh my!  In fact GW seems to be actually supporting the new fortifications as the list I saw has several race specific fortifications.  The Craftworlders would seem to be getting a webway portal.  how it works or what it does remains to be seen.  If it is a new and improved version of the portable ones used by the Dark Kin, the possibilities that present themselves are tantalizing  The one thing on my list that did catch my eye in release list that got me excited and even a little nostalgic was the Harlequin Solitaire....... Good.  Very Good. Me likey.

The future looks bright.  I hope we can take hold of it and drive the Mon-Keigh to their knees and drive the Necrons back to their slumber.....for good.

Until next time....

 Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!


  1. I think it depends on the army build your using. For a foot list the Aegis defense line is good, but for me it would be a waste of 100pts. I run a Saim-Hann style army comprised of jetbikes and Skimmers. They sit higher on their flying stands than the Aegis line and so I would gain no benefit whatsoever.

    I have thought about a Bastion though with a squad of Dark Reapers (my favorite models ever!) All the exarch beardiness you mentioned and with how tall it is it would give them a commanding view of the battlefield. Plus some of my skimmers could actually hide behind it if I don't get first turn.

    I guess it really depends on the list you want to use them in.

  2. It really does depend on the style of army. My Dark Eldar are like your Saim Hann army. Fast and mobile, so it is also a waste of 100 points. My Ulthwe armies that tend to be Guardian heavy actually benefit from the line, especially since I use support weapon batteries.

    It really is a mixed bag.

  3. I am still toying with the idea of 9 warwalkers sitting on a Skyshield Pad, enjoying great line of sight, getting their 4++ Fortuned and their shots Guided (well, one unit would only get either Guide or Fortune). It's AA and a 36" wall of lasers. Or maybe two squads of War Walkers and a squad of Dark Reapers to house Eldrad and the other Farseer. The Reapers would benefit from Fortune more than Guide and the Seers need a meat shield.